What are pokémon?

Another ten or fifteen years ago, such a question never could be – about the pokemon knew almost everything, it was a special culture that is created from computer games, anime series, card games and numerous other components. At the time, and all the glory faded, but with the release of Pokemon GO people began to wonder, what are pokémon?

who are the pokemon

The origin of the universe

Although most people know about it megafranchise Pokemon anime series, she was born in the form of games on portable consoles. The Creator of the universe is Satoshi Tajiri, and the date of occurrence 1996. After he managed to publish the first two games, it started to come out of anime. There were six generations of games about pokemon, also got some side projects. I’m sure many whose childhood fell on the end of the nineties, remember the chips with the pokemon, as well as numerous cards.

Anime has over 800 episodes, the universe was produced and films, including 17 feature films and over twenty five short films. During its existence, the setting has managed to gain huge popularity, but at the time his fame had died down a little.

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What are pokémon?

The word Pokemon is a compound phrase pocket monster, which can be translated as pocket monsters. According to the mythology of this universe, there exists a kind of alternate reality in which, in addition to people living a kind of being. For out project it is known that species of these creatures more than 700. They have different shapes, sizes, colors and abilities, and the latter is exactly what pokemon stand out, for example, normal animals.

What are pokémon? They are living beings, endowed with certain abilities such as fire attack or the ability to control plants. They fight with each other and, in case of victory, develop, increase your level, which eventually leads to their evolution.

Some people work as a pokémon trainer. The coach is the protagonist of the popular anime series, ash. Coaches not involved in the fighting, they just give their subordinates-pokemon team about specific attacks or defensive maneuvers.


Pokemon GO

After the glory of the setting of pokémon had quieted down a little, she again incredible storm occurred worldwide due to the release of Pokemon GO. The project was able to spread widely, primarily because it’s free, and secondly, it creates a kind of augmented reality, through which each owner of the respective smartphone can feel like a pokémon trainer.

After the game created an account, you need to make your character, choosing his clothes and appearance. You can then move on to the main gameplay. For this the person needs to move around their city looking at the street through the screen of the phone. When seen pokemon, it needs to capture in pokebol by shaking out from the bottom of the smartphone. Also get pokemon by using the incubation of the eggs that are on pukepoto or can appear in the game.

Pokemon GO has become a real cultural phenomenon, gaining an incredible number of fans in just a week.

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