What are pinworms? How to pass tests and how to treat?

What is a enterobiasis, unfortunately, know many. Call one of the types of helminthiasis. It is caused by the white worm called a pinworm. Most often this parasite enters the human body through good hygiene.

The symptoms of infection

The disease is easy to calculate a number of basic symptoms. Noticing at least one of them, the person should immediately seek the help of a specialist. After all, the longer pinworms are found in the body, the more damage they can inflict.

What is enterobiasis

Enterobiasis detected by the following features:

  • Itching in the anus. This is the first symptom. Itching caused due to movements of the parasite. Most often it is exacerbated at night, as it was in this period of time pinworms prefer to get out with the purpose of deposition of eggs in the axils of the anus.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen. This phenomenon is due to the irritability of the intestine. Pain receptors begin to affect the waste products of pathogens.
  • The emergence of dysbiosis. Parasites do not allow the intestine is normal to cope with its functions, so start to occur concomitant diseases of the digestive system.
  • Frequent urination in the toilet. For enterobiasis affects not only the intestines, but also the genitourinary tract. People will go to the toilet. However, each campaign is allocated a small amount of urine.
  • Inflammation of the vagina. In women, pinworms can infect the genital tract. But inflammation is not caused by these parasites. This reaction occurs in the interaction of pathogens with bacterial flora.
  • Irritability. Parasites cause the person to experience severe discomfort, which he is nervous.

To diagnose this disease by the following symptoms:

  • Severe nausea and retching.
  • Exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Weight loss.
  • The appearance of allergic reactions.

prevention of the disease

If a person become concerned with such problems, it is urgently necessary to consult a competent professional. In no case can not throw the treatment of enterobiasis. After a long accumulation of toxins that appear as a result of life pinworms, can have a negative impact on the condition of important organs such as the heart and brain.


The doctor can confirm the diagnosis of the patient only after he will do a swab for enterobiasis. All will become clear after the results. In those moments, you may wonder about how to be tested for enterobiasis.

What is the scraping on enterobiosis? This analysis, which allows to detect parasites in the body. It can be done at any government clinic. The analysis assigns a therapist. It must be conducted in the morning hours to get the correct result. Until that time, it is recommended to refrain from going to the toilet, and water treatment. The doctor can prohibit the procedure only in the case that in the perineum there is a serious damage to the skin.

Scraping take an ordinary cotton swab, which is pre-moistened in a special liquid. After the sample is placed in a flask and bear examination. Sometimes doctors use this procedure for masking tape. It is applied to the crotch area, and then on the glass.

tests for pinworms

To obtain accurate results, it is advisable to conduct some tests for some time. After all, only one procedure is effective only 50%.

Treatment enterobiasis

Infected with pinworms, a person will certainly try to learn about how to treat enterobiasis. Doctors in such cases prescribed for patients with de-worming medications, which will help to solve a nasty problem with parasites in their body. During treatment adults pinworms will try to get out. It is very dangerous for women, as the pathogen tries to hide in the vagina. To prevent such a situation is to pre-close the anus of a normal cotton swab. But first, it should be lubricated with vaseline.

If the family who confirmed the diagnosis of enterobiasis, others are also encouraged to take the tests. In order to prevent the doctor may prescribe them a drug to prevent infection with pinworms.

Throughout the treatment, and after completion of the course must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Every morning and every night to wash the genitals.
  • Before eating always wash your hands with soap.
  • Regularly change the bed linen.
  • Daily wash the clothes is infected with pinworms a person constantly goes.

It is very important regularly to carry out prevention of diseases, to avoid infection with pinworms. You need to understand that parasites enter the body through the fault of the person. Hands dirty and poorly washed fruits can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

Most often enterobiasis infected children who are not familiar with the rules of hygiene. Parents should carefully monitor your child to not pick up the infection. It is important to try to explain to him the need to wash hands before eating, and do not let pull in the mouth with dirty fingers and biting your nails.

Prevention should be done cleaning the house, thoroughly clean not only floors, but also skirting boards, cupboards, door handles. Will not interfere with regularly vacuuming the house all floor coverings and bedspreads. Recommended for disinfection of soft toys, which are constantly played by a child.

prevention of enterobiasis

To prevent pinworm infection is easy. Most importantly, obey the rules of personal hygiene, avoid contact with dirty food and things. Much harder to attempt to excrete dangerous parasite that is the causative agent of the serious infectious diseases. Require long and expensive treatment. And then begin the long recovery period. Not worth the extra time to put yourself in such danger.

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