What are hemorrhoids?

Unfortunately, in today’s world many do not know firsthand about what hemorrhoids. The other is a word often found in a kind of steady expressions. Anyway, everyone should know about the features of this disease to prevent its development.

what are hemorrhoids

There are many reasons that can lead to hemorrhoids, and the majority of them can be controlled. Of course, one cannot rule out genetic predisposition, but still need to be concerned about risk factors.

What are hemorrhoids?

The essence of the disease lies in the fact that, in context with thrombosis or inflammation around the rectum formed nodes. This is due to pathological changes in the hemorrhoidal veins.

Hemorrhoids are very common. In the world it is among the most common diseases. If you look at the statistics, we can see that eight out of ten people at least once in their life suffered from hemorrhoids. As a rule, people try to cure this disease, as it causes considerable pain, but it is also necessary to remember about possible complications.

Hemorrhoids klassificeret by its nature and location. For example, there are acute and chronic.

  • The first is also called anorectal thrombosis. It passes through three stages: first, the inflamed nodes are blue and cause pain on palpation, then the disease affects the surrounding tissue, and in the end develops necrosis, which nodes turn black.
  • Chronic hemorrhoids expressed more poorly, so many patients think their problem is insignificant. In this case, there are four stages. First, there is a slight discomfort, and inflammation are able to see a doctor. Then there is a loss of nodes, and then the patient notices them himself. If you do not treat the disease, then later to reposition the need of manual help, and even later, it will simply become impossible.


Types of hemorrhoids

Classification by place of localization is quite different. In this case, there are three main types.

  • The internal is distributed in the lumen of the rectum, so clearly it can be seen only under medical examination. The patient feels some discomfort, however the disease is often not clinically apparent for a long time.
  • Appearance otherwise known as anal. In this case, the inflamed nodes are clearly visible near the anus. This option has a strong unpleasant symptoms.
  • The combined type is the most difficult, but it develops if the patient ignored the doctor’s advice and treatment in General.

Almost always the beginning of the disease may be suspected by unpleasant sensations, and timely access to specialist help to avoid unnecessary complications. It is worth to give this issue special attention, if the person is at risk.

The reasons for the development of hemorrhoids

You can highlight a number of factors that, one way or another, can lead to the onset of the disease. Since the essence of the disease consists in inflammation of the veins, it is not difficult to guess that one of the reasons are pathology of blood vessels and the tendency to form blood clots. In addition, hemorrhoids can occur if there are problems with current and outflow of blood in this area.

Affect the disease may other factors. For example, a very common gastrointestinal disease, and especially constipation. As a result of pressure on the rectum can begin irritation, and it affects that person long and hard straining. The causes of hemorrhoids include neoplasms and inflammatory processes, whose source is in the pelvis.

On what hemorrhoids, can personally know people who have anal sex. It is also believed that the development of pathology may result in frequent stress, getting an infection and Smoking.

It is easy to understand why the disease has become so prevalent in the modern world. The fact is that inactivity, sedentary lifestyle and obesity are major risk factors. However, it is not necessary time to rush to the gym. Work with excessively heavy loads can also cause early hemorrhoids.

Finally, in women, the disease often develops in connection with pregnancy and childbirth. It is almost the norm in every other mother diagnosed the beginning of pathology.

the reason for the development of

How to recognize hemorrhoids?

In order to cure the disease, need time to consult a doctor. This can be done if you pay attention to key symptoms at an early stage.

  • As a rule, the disease manifests itself in an unusual sensations in the rectum.
  • You may feel a heaviness after or before bowel movement, sometimes it can not pass.
  • In the area of the anus often there is itching or burning, can stand corrosive slime.
  • If any of these symptoms, do not go to the doctor, then the feeling will only intensify.
  • They added considerable pain, especially acute in the process of emptying and during exercise.
  • As a protective reflex of the body will develop constipation can become chronic.
  • Finally, there will be a loss of nodes, will increase the temperature and in the stool may appear blood.

Not worth the wait late stages – you need to contact the doctor at the first symptoms, but it is even better to take care of prevention. For this you need a rule to eat and drink clean water. In addition, it is necessary to deal with diarrhea and constipation.

hemorrhoids doctor

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