What a game to catch pokemon

Addicting games is rapidly burst into our boring everyday. Every owner of a modern smartphone or tablet thanks to it can try yourself in the role of hunter on fantasy creatures that are everywhere. What a game to catch a pokemon? This question became interested in the young boys and girls who have not yet had time to become intimately familiar with unusual entertainment. And this is not surprising because after the game it began to speak everywhere.

what a game to catch pokemon

The principle and essence of the popular game

The essence gained such huge popularity of the game is quite simple and straightforward. Gamers need to look for a pokemon, to actively cultivate them and, of course, to pump. From time to time he should join in the battle with the enemies and capture training rooms. A similar description can be applied to most modern virtual entertainment. GO but Pokemon still has a certain feature that makes it stand out.

game with Pikachu

As a rule, adventure quests don’t require from user any special activity. It is enough to sit comfortably on the couch and start completing the mission. And this new model is based on the augmented reality mode. So, the player has to get outside to catch the desired creature.

How to catch a pokemon

To catch a pokemon, first you need to go to the game menu. To the user there is a special map on which are displayed various creatures. If they are present on the screen, they actually catch. During the first visit, the player will see three pokemon nearby. By the way, an interesting feature, if you ignore random creatures, then after a few meters, then there will be the desire of all gamers Pikachu.

Users cannot always immediately see the figures of characters that you want to catch. Then it is necessary to conduct a search. For convenience, the menu has a special window that shows all the nearby creatures. And the number of legs under them allows you to roughly calculate the distance to them. For example, a 1 foot involves the need to overcome 50 m, and 3 feet – not less than 150 m.

what pokemon GO

Gamer sure get closer to your goal, if the number of legs began to rapidly decrease. If suddenly, the figure began to grow, you should try to turn 180 degrees and proceed in that direction. If the number of quotes first decreased and then increased, it means that the player missed character.

And here the user has reached his goal. Found fantasy creature to appear before him on the pavement, a bench or the grass. Most interesting is that he even leaves his own shadow. This feature adds virtual entertainment realism.

If you want you can take a picture of your production by clicking on the image of the camera. So the every catcher wants to brag to friends and fans of the game.

the game is to catch pokemon

The most difficult to catch pokemon. To do this, you have time to click on pokebol. After removing the finger, the device must be placed at the target and release. So a throw. If the action is performed correctly, production will be inside pokebola.

To precisely catch the animal, it is recommended to wait until the circle around him is reduced to a minimum. In this case, victory is assured. But even in pokebola, the target can break free and run away. When this happens, the ball begins to shake. After that can occur:

  • Prey is caught. For this the player receives a reward and experience. He will be able to see the characteristics of being imprisoned in a window.
  • Goal get out into the wild. It will be in the same place where it was found. In this case, we should again try his luck to put the animal in pokebola.
  • The goal is not only climbs, but will run away. This is the worst scenario. Will have to go in search of another prey.

Key features of the game

Game application won wide popularity. There is nothing like it previously existed.

features in pokemon

This game has the following features:

  • It is a guide to a different reality. The gamer gets a chance to try yourself in the role of a pokémon Trainer, a person who is able to see these beings and contact with them.
  • It forces young people to spend more time in the fresh air. During their walks, they visit interesting places where there were not before. The app motivates to explore his own city and also to travel to other settlements.
  • It helps strangers to find a common language with each other. For important achievements players need to participate in the protection of the gyms. This is very difficult. So gamers unite factions together and achieve victories. Anyway, young people have to communicate with each other, forgetting my shyness and inferiority complex, if they have such problems.
  • It allows you to remember your childhood. Many of us as young boys and girls, ran to their TVs to watch the next episode of your favorite animated series about the adventures of pokemon. The older generation certainly remember the popular in those years, games and tournaments for the title of best coach fantasy characters among friends.

The gaming application provides a unique chance to raise your own pokemon. Those who dreamed of it in childhood, can finally realize a long-cherished desire.

how to catch a pokemon

The games really worth the attention it was given by the fans of virtual entertainment from different corners of our planet. She has a lot of positive sides which fully cover the possible disadvantages. Do not deny yourself the pleasure just to walk along the city, and at the same time find a couple of interesting pokemon that will be worthy models for gaming collection.

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