What a dream dog?

Often one sees a vivid and memorable dreams. If you saw a four-legged friend, try to remember the dream plot. What a dream dog? The answer to this question will depend on what kind of dog you dreamed, and under what circumstances.


The size of the dog

If you want to know the interpretation of my dream, first of all, remember, what size was the dog.

Big dog is a symbol of a reliable friend or patron. With it, you will feel safe, it will help to solve problems and to stabilize the financial situation. Often dogs of large breeds (German shepherd, Greyhound, Mastiff, great Dane) remind us in dreams about friends is that is a high position and have a good position in society. These people are noble, they do not know how to lie and betray. This dream is a reminder of what a friendship should be appreciated.


A small dog — a symbol of gossip, who are envious are spreading behind you. Look, look carefully at your surroundings. You may take one unworthy person. Often little barking dog symbolizes evil quarrelsome woman. Think about who it may be, and refrain from communicating with her.

The color of the dog

If you remember the size of your dog, its color, the interpretation of dreams is quite accurate.

Black dog – bad sign. It is a symbol of tears and sorrow. Most likely, you will be hurt by a loved one. It’s a family member or blood relative. However, the period of anguish will be short-lived. But the offense will still be in your heart.

White dog is a good symbol. He promises new pleasant acquaintances. White dog is your new close friend. While you are not familiar with it, but soon fate will give you a chance to meet new friends. Sometimes that friendship lasts a lifetime. The dream is telling you that you should be careful. Otherwise you run the risk of losing real friendship.

White dog

Red dog is a symbol of cunning. Someone wants to hurt you and he is plotting behind your back. Be careful, do not trust suspicious persons.

Red dog is the person who you offended. He intends to take revenge, dealing a blow to the back. Try to remember whom you have recently so greatly offended. Apologize to that person, reducing the conflict.

The dog and your conscience

Try to remember details of the dream. What happened there? What role was allotted to you, what you were doing in this dog? Often dream about dogs linked to your conscience.

  1. If the dog lies in the passage and prevents you go by, it indicates that your conscience is not clean. The soul is a burden that prevents you to go further. But you don’t want to admit this problem. So the subconscious is trying to deal with your psychological difficulties. If the dream is repeated several times, so you are close to solving your problem.
  2. If the dog is in the dream, clean, fun and friendly, so you do not bother the conscience is clear and you are happy.
  3. Dirty, sick dog that is your shadow – a sign that your honor is unclean. But you don’t want to solve this problem. So the dog goes behind you. Stop, look his conscience in the eyes. Analyze their actions. What are you doing wrong?


If you had a puppy

Young dogs that appeared in your dream, can predict different events.

Dog mother and her puppy – a symbol of caring about people. Soon the relatives will need your help. Do not deny them this, remember that a puppy requires care, grow into a large dog, which symbolizes the pangs of conscience.

A lone puppy, whom you took home from the street, represents the breadth of the soul. Soon you will help some good man, and he for this thank.

Playing with puppies is fun activities with children. So the subconscious mind tells you that you are ready to have heirs. If you already have children, it’s time to think about adding to the family.

The dog and the child

The dog is a multifaceted symbol. Try to remember the dream plot, the appearance of a dog with his size. Then you’ll understand why this dream was right for you.

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