Vomiting in a child without fever and diarrhea, what to do in such cases?

Some parents faced with this problem, as vomiting in a child without fever and diarrhea. What to do in such a situation parents and how to help your child feel better? We will deal below.

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Any vomiting – it is always very frustrating, especially if it affects children. It is dangerous because it can lead the body to dehydration. Before we take a closer look at what assistance should be provided to the child, let us define the causes of vomiting that is not accompanied by any disorder of the stomach, or temperature.

What are the causes of such vomiting?

  • The result is overeating in infants. In such cases, along with the vomit will come out and the mucus that accumulates in the nose.
  • The result of inflammatory processes in the organism of the child through the use of certain medicines, including painkillers.
  • Exacerbation of chronic gastritis due to improper nutrition, and lack of a proper diet.
  • Infection of the oral cavity.
  • Some diseases of the CNS.
  • Overeating anything.
  • Abuse child fried or too spicy food, etc.

causes of vomiting in child

Help the child to cope with vomiting

In most cases, caring parents can help their child to overcome this disease independently, but in some cases to show the child specialist is still desirable, and sometimes necessary. So, seek help from a doctor is necessary when:

  • Vomiting does not stop for more than 5 hours.
  • Along with the vomit out blood. The presence of masses of blood speaks of the necessity of urgent hospitalization of the child!
  • The baby in addition to vomiting, there are other diseases, such as dizziness or pain.

If the situation is more favorable, you need the following:

  • Create the child comfortable atmosphere. This includes bed rest. In any case do not let the baby out of bed unless necessary. If it needs, for example, in the water, bring it to him.

If vomiting occurs in infants, lying in bed he’s not allowed, otherwise it is likely to choke on vomit. Baby should be kept only vertically.

  • Give the child plenty of fluids. To prevent dehydration after vomiting should drink constantly, otherwise the consequences will be dire. There is one caveat: you need to drink in small SIPS and small meals, because if you drink a lot of water at once, it could trigger vomiting.

If the child is very young and cannot drink from a Cup, give him water with a spoon or pipette.

how to cure vomiting in a child

  • If you find that vomit out the blood, immediately call an ambulance, and while she was in the way – give him a piece of ice and apply to the forehead cold compress.
  • After each attack of vomiting, wash your baby’s face and wash his mouth. If this is not done, the bile, which accumulates in the oral cavity, together with gastric acid will cause irritation.
  • Do not force the baby to have something, even for a time retching he just drinks.
  • Don’t risk to give their child the medication as long as it is not examined by the doctor. However, if the vomit is not observed the blood, and you suspect that the nausea was the result of the use of toddler a large amount of food or spoiled food, you can give him medicine. What medication helps in such cases, we will explain below.

What medicines to give to children to stop retching?

To prevent dehydration and to facilitate the child’s well-being, give him these medicines:

  • Special anti-nausea drugs (Motilal, Reglan, Muonium).
  • Antivirals (if vomiting is the result of exposure to a viral infection).
  • Sorbents. The most common absorbent medicine is Smectite. This drug coats the intestines and prevents the toxins to be absorbed into the blood stream. The result is retching are reduced or completely disappear.
  • Antispasmodics. This group of drugs, children are given only if the vomiting is accompanied by abdominal pain.


Remember that you must not experiment with the health of the baby and give him some medicine, the use of which you know little. Moreover, before taking anything from vomiting, you need to figure out what caused it. This means that before you run to the pharmacy for medicines for children, you need to show it to the doctor. If you have good reason to believe that the vomiting provoked some very significant reason such as virus infection, you can give the child Smectite.

Relieve the baby from vomiting folk medicine

  • A decoction of dill. Dill is an excellent remedy for vomiting, especially that giving the broth from it is possible for children of all ages, even infants. So, to prepare this decoction, take fresh or dried dill and fill it with boiling water. You can infuse the mixture for one hour, or 15 minutes to keep in a water bath. The patient is given a dose depending on age: newborns – a spoon, children from 5 years to 3 teaspoons, and for children older, you can give this broth without any restrictions.
  • Green tea. Also a great remedy for symptoms of vomiting and nausea. It is better to use loose tea, not from a bag. To improve the taste, add honey or sugar.
  • Quince. Bake fruit in the oven or just grate it on a grater. The child will feel much better.
  • Mint. Or take fresh or dried mint and pour it with boiling water. Steep the mint for about 2 hours, and then let the baby drink this decoction. Babies should give 1 spoon 4-5 times a day. Older children can drink mint tea.
  • Soda-salt solution. On a pint of water, take a spoon of salt and baking soda and 4 tablespoons sugar. Add the ingredients in warm water to dissolve. Use the resulting solution as a cure for vomiting.

mint vs vomiting

Procedure after vomiting

So, you managed to stop vomiting above methods? If Yes, go ahead, no – your baby needs urgent medical help.

How to care for a child after the cessation of impulses:

  • Diet. Remember that the first time the baby’s body will be very weak. Because of this, good nutrition can go to his or her detriment, as neither strength nor energy for absorption and digestion in the body left. So, first we need to eliminate from the diet all heavy on the stomach the food, all fried, smoked, salted, etc., is subject to the prohibition of the use of vegetables and fruits, because they stimulate the bowels, and its mucous membrane, and so very weak after vomiting. Fruits and vegetables can cause irritation.
  • In the first days after disease child needs to eat only chicken broth and a small amount of crackers.
  • Prepare the child herbal tea or jelly.

herbal tea

Thus, to help the child with vomiting may every parent, it is important not to panic, but to act in a timely manner.

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