The types of cooker hoods for kitchen

While cooking food the hostess has to breathe not only a pleasant aroma, but the combustion products inevitably formed during frying, roasting, Smoking, baking. To ensure that the air in the kitchen stays clean even when the hob is operating at full capacity, you need to install in the premises is efficient and effective extraction. The modern market presents a sloping, hinged, island, dome, built-in models, so the choice of a suitable device should not cause difficulties. If the variety of cooker hoods baffles, you should carefully explore all available varieties and to conduct a comparative analysis.

Sloping hoods

The owners of small apartments, are interested in the efficient use of space, prefer a compact household appliances. If the kitchen area is small, you should choose miniature air purifier that is in harmony with the furniture arrangement and does not restrict freedom of movement during cooking. A great option is a small, but powerful enough sloping hoods Faber, buy them with an official guarantee in the company online store. Such models operate in the modes of removal and recycling – collect small fat droplets and neutralize unpleasant odors.

Inclined cleaners have a special shape and are arranged at a certain angle to the cooking surface. The units quickly and efficiently remove fumes and combustion products, preventing their spread throughout the apartment. Modern patterns sloping hoods are equipped with a set of useful additional functions – timer, auto standby, delayed start. In addition, many units to independently control the pollution of the filter elements.

Island hoods

When constructing a spacious kitchen, you can safely show imagination and use of large equipment. Importantly, the selected equipment combined with each other and in harmony with the furniture arrangement. If the hob is installed in the center of the room, a hood must be placed directly over it, for this ideal island model. Air purifiers are designed to mount directly over the stove, have many benefits:

  • quickly and efficiently remove from the air all impurities;
  • run virtually silent;
  • equipped with lights evenly illuminate the work surface;
  • have additional features;
  • can sink closer to the stove during cooking and take its original position after;
  • do not require complex care.

Island hoods are the range of Faber, the famous Italian brand produces ergonomic and productive air purifiers are not only able to perform basic functions, but also to act as the main element of the interior. Units are represented in different colours – there are white, beige, black, blue, pink, and other models. Island hoods are different from other a variety of forms, they can be round, square, trapezoidal, asymmetrical. The choice depends on the taste of the buyer and peculiarities of the organization of the kitchen space.

Dome hood

No less popular are the dome hood. They have considerable size and peculiar shape, but in performance and efficiency they have no equal. The type to install a dome camera are categorized into stones (attached to wall), angle (mounted above the cooking surface, located at the corner), recessed (installed in the kitchen). Domed air pollution control equipment has high power, therefore, it is desirable to provide a spacious room. The unit can be made of stainless steel or enameled steel, plastic, wood or other materials. Most devices work in two modes (removal and recycling) and have multiple speeds. Models of the latest generation are equipped with indicators of air pollution and automatically determines the optimal parameters of suction.

The dome hood is in the line of Faber, every unit is the epitome of style, functionality and reliability. It is equipped with halogen lamps, cleaners consume a minimum of electricity. Choosing the right model in the first place should pay attention to its capacity (the volume of air processed per hour). It is also desirable to ensure the high quality filters. Air purifiers are equipped with Faber and metal and coal filter elements. First serve for the removal from the air of fat droplets and dust particles, and the second to eliminate unpleasant odors.

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