Up to what year the parent capital

In recent years, many families have become interested in questions about what year the parent capital they can get. Before go to the examination, should get closer to this state program.

what is the parent capital

Maternity capital is a sum of money, which first began to pay families in 2007. Such state aid could only get the parents who are raising more than one child. The funds they were entitled to spend on the following needs:

  • The purchase of housing.
  • Repair of apartment or house.
  • The child’s education.
  • The formation of parent pension.

Citizens of the Russian Federation since 2007, could receive the parent capital irrespective of, the second child is their native or adoptive.

The validity of the parent capital

A huge number of families have time in practice to get acquainted with the state program. His opinion about the parent capital, they were able to share with friends, neighbors, colleagues and relatives. Every couple who planned to have a second child, wondered about the timeframe for this program is valid. At the meetings the authorities adopted the decision on payment of the parent capital before the end of 2016. In early 2017 it will be cancelled. This opinion was originally maintained by the government. Over time, the situation began to change. The state Duma seriously thinking about to extend the useful social programs. So its closure had moved to 2018.

Up to what year the parent capital

The Parliament of the Russian Federation supported the idea of renewal of the parent capital till 2025. Its members believe that the funding of large families will help to solve the problem of rapid growth of orphans in the country.

Is it possible to receive the parent capital after the program is closed

As mentioned earlier, at the moment, according to official data, the program will cease to exist in 2018. Here only not all families who took part in it, had to use the money issued to them from the state. Therefore, they try to find information as to have the opportunity to spend their money after closing the program.

If the family managed to obtain the certificate, she especially worried about. Because it has no expiration date. Certificate holders will be able to take advantage of their opportunity at any convenient time, even after 2018.

In Russia, a lot of families who are entitled to maternity capital, but have not had time to issue the certificate. In this case, they should hurry. Once again not to worry, you should prepare all necessary documents. The family will receive their certificate, if the second child is born before 31 December 2018. Children born after this date will not be counted.

that gives the parent capital

Further actions of the authorities

Now undergoing the consideration of the final extension of the state program. While none of the authorities did not give the exact answer for this reason. The President takes the position of review of the validity of the parent capital. Likely to be introduced and new goals, which are a large family has the opportunity to spend received from the state funds. All of this is still under preliminary review.

Until 2018 the family can not worry about registration of the parent capital. Each of them will get their money for the birth of the second child. And about the new terms of the program will be known in the near future.

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