Trendy haircut or long hair: what to choose?

It is impossible to imagine a beautiful woman, dressed stylishly and tastefully, without a fancy hairstyle. Nonsense? So is the absurdity, unfinished look. But it is necessary to strictly follow fashion trends if the lady is wearing long well-groomed hair? Of course not.

Trendy short haircuts

At all times, long hair was considered a symbol of femininity, health, inner strength and intuition. It’s hard to imagine the all-wise Vasilisa the Beautiful, Maria the Princess, she with short hair. The visitor of the page will say, «Well, so – compared «then» and now.» But there is an expression «New is long forgotten old». Why don’t we inherit the old traditions?

Never go out of fashion long, flowing hair because they are, according to ancient philosophy, provide access to cosmic energy. Because it is often the only owners of long hair have psychic abilities. Long hair helps women to maintain strength, health, and means to be a Guardian of sorts.

Actress Michelle Williams loves short haircuts

And women with long hair or with short hair – in fact, individual choice.

But if the fairer sex decided to keep it short, she needs to know some fashion trends.

In 2017 will be relevant to such trends: short haircuts in the style of «pixie» with a ragged bangs, Bob, cascade, rack, asymmetry haircut under the boy.

Charlize Theron with short hair

What are these hairstyles? Each hairstyle is an actual trend in fashion, which is associated with a certain event or state of the soul, impulse, desire to change lives. We can say that hairstyle is the engine of progress in a woman’s life. It helps to build a career, gain confidence in themselves.

«Pixie» appeared in 50-ies of the last century and associated with the release of the film «Roman holiday» in which the main character had a haircut with short hair at the temples and a slight lengthening of hair on top. This trend was so pleased with all that is still not inferior to their superiority and just takes on different variations. This year is boldness.

Actress Kristen Stewart with short hair

«Bob». The asymmetry at the back and sides and casual styling. Shaven and close-cropped temples and nape.

«Kare». Hair cut to ear lobe, and the smooth line of retro-style and has not returned. Hair heliroute and placed in a volumetric texture.

«Cascade». Hair as before occupies the leading position. It has many variations depending on the age ladies and suitable for almost everyone.

Asymmetric short haircut

Asymmetry. This type of hairstyle is gaining more and more popularity and is used as an element in all trendy types of hairstyles. Characteristic signs of it this season will be the volume and negligence.

Haircut under the boy. Occupies a special place. This classic hairstyle is amazing image has become trendy. She’s Flirty, sexy, elegant, practical, exquisite in all situations. Slightly stacked short hair for every day in the evening turned into a stylish hairdo for evening dress. One only has to have a Polish with strong setting skills with hair and unusual feeling of flight. Choose this haircut! Would be a great state of mind. Tested!

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