They eat hedgehogs at home

The hedgehog is a carnivorous animal that mainly lives in the forest. However, it’s possible to keep at home. Hedgehogs in the woods and in the house accumulate a lot of fat. This process begins in spring and lasts until late autumn. That’s why hedgehogs need a lot to eat. Many people wonder what to eat hedgehogs at home?

What to feed a hedgehog in the house?

First, let’s find out what hedgehogs eat in the wild. Note that they eat the same food, because they are considered omnivorous animals. Basically, hedgehogs eat frogs, earthworms, caterpillars, amphibians, insects etc. in addition to snakes, insects, beetles and hedgehogs do well with poisonous insects. They eat the may beetle, bugs, small beetles, and similar insects.

what to feed a hedgehog

In the woods hedgehogs also eat mice and birds, but it can be called an exception. In addition, hedgehogs eat berries and fruit. So if your house has such a nice animal, it can feed on berries and fruit. However, a hedgehog should not be given products from the kitchen table.

The best food for a hedgehog who lives in the home, there is a special food, so if you don’t know what to feed a hedgehog, it is best to purchase a specialized animal feed. To get this food in the CIS countries is not so easy, so many people prefer to buy high quality cat food.

What products to choose?

For such a cute occupant of your house you can make a special diet and to keep it specific products.

food for hedgehogs

Home the hedgehog to give the following products:

  • Fruits and berries.
  • Raw egg (1 per week).
  • The giblets of the chicken.
  • The meat is cooked ( not greasy).
  • Insects.

It is important that all that you give to a hedgehog, it was fresh, and he will get sick. Note that remnants of food left in the cage. It is impossible that the hedgehog was eating spoiled food. It can poison him. Home of the hedgehog do not feed the following products:

  • Milk.
  • Grapes.
  • Citrus fruits.
  • Products of fast food.
  • Nuts, seeds.
  • The onion and garlic.

It is a widespread opinion that hedgehogs eat milk, however, it is a legend, because the milk of this animal is simply harmful product. One of the main issues is that in the cage of a hedgehog should always be clean drinking water. Because the hedgehog is considered to be predatory animals, the composition of the food must be protein and animal products.

If you decide to have a hedgehog, you will not only need to know what eats the hedgehog, but also to comply with certain requirements and to create special conditions for its content. It is a forest animal, so the owner will be quite difficult to get used to the leash of this animal. For hedgehog you need to create a special little house where he will sleep, relax and eat.

We have already told about what they eat hedgehogs, but we should not forget that these animals prefer live food. Hedgehogs are very welcome «guests» in areas where there are always different types of snakes. This means that hedgehogs destroy these unwanted unwelcome creeping guests.

the home life of a hedgehog

They love to sleep in the winter, so need a good home to feed the beast, that he could a month and a half is fine to lie and recover. For the hedgehog to create all conditions to feel comfortable and warm. If you adhere to all conditions of the contents of a hedgehog at home and to create its menu, this cute animal is fine you will live for 5-6 years.

If you can not keep your hedgehog at home, it is best to return it to the forest or land. In nature, the hedgehog will find a live feed, and live long enough.

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