The first symptoms of pregnancy and when do they appear?

The first symptoms of pregnancy is a signal to every female, because very soon she will be the mother, and requires a great love and responsibility. Pregnancy lasts gradually and accurately it can determine specialist, but if a woman is attentive to your body, he will be able to put this wonderful «diagnosis». Before we talk about main signs and symptoms of this condition, let’s deal with that when the first symptoms of pregnancy.

signs of pregnancy

When the first symptoms of pregnancy?

If the girl is in harmony with your body and your health, it will be able to determine pregnancy even before menstruation. Surprisingly, but on the twentieth day, a woman’s body gives her clues and points to the fact that it is a brand new life. This is due to the fact that in the first month in the organism there are processes of adjustment, change and adaptation to the fetus. Of course, there are the first symptoms of pregnancy each individual, and some in the first month after conception, they are non-existent, but there are some signs that appear at different times:

  • The mammary glands swell, there is a General swelling in the chest area – the first, the second day after conception.
  • Breast sensitivity is increased, the girl pain when pressing on the breast – third day after conception.
  • From the nipple is allocated a transparent liquid (not always) – the fourth – fifth day after conception. It is worth noting that the first two symptoms related to the Breasts, can signal the failure of hormonal background of women, while nipple discharge is a definite sign of pregnancy. If such allocation occurs, it tells about what happens the preparatory process for lactation.
  • Stand out from the vagina blood of the sixth to twelfth day after conception. These allocations are usually small. You can find only few drops of blood. This process is explained by the fact that the body tries to protect itself from being hit by dangerous germs.
  • The overall body temperature rises a few degrees – the second week after ovulation.
  • The girl is always sleepy, even if she slept well the day before the second week after conception.

signs of pregnancy

I guess every girl knows that the most important sign that it will soon become a mother is a delay period. If menstruation does not occur more than 10 days from the start of the intended cycle, then most likely the girl is pregnant. However, such a situation may stem not from pregnancy. Delay of menstruation can often talk about any breaches in the body and adjustment of hormonal levels. Therefore, in order to ascertain the pregnancy, you should consult with a gynecologist.

First signs of pregnancy

  • Hormonal changes. None of the pregnant girls may not be menstrual fluid during the entire pregnancy period. The lack of month after conception testifies to the fact that a woman’s body is preparing for future motherhood. This process is associated with the restructuring of the female hormones. So, if you want to get pregnant, it is recommended to have a calendar on which you mark the days of the cycle, thereby to track the days of delay.
  • Changes in the breast. We noted above that the breast swelling is manifested practically in the first days after conception. Therefore, if you notice that your Breasts are rounded, increased in size and almost «filled» from the inside, know that soon you will become a mother.
  • Spotting. Such allocation is very easy to confuse with menstrual secretions, however, there is a difference – they are quite small and this amount is not increased throughout the month. Sometimes this discharge can last up to three months from the beginning of pregnancy.
  • The occurrence of convulsions. This symptom is very common, but not every girl pays him some attention, not realizing that it is a signal of pregnancy. This is often a short-term convulsions in the same place. They are the place to be on the first or second month of pregnancy. If this symptom was delayed until the third month, you should consult with a specialist.
  • Not passing fatigue. Even if a woman was sleeping very well, she is not burdened by the physical loads and in some cases, in the first month of pregnancy she will still feel very tired. The girl will feel sleepy constantly. There are several explanations for such a situation, most doctors believe that in the first month after fertilization, the body begins to produce more blood, and this gives the heart the extra workload, hence the fatigue.
  • Constantly want in a toilet.

breast augmentation

Signs of pregnancy in the second month

  • There are frequent mood swings. Again, this is due to the reorganization of a hormonal background. With a woman there is something that she finds difficult to explain. As they say: «I don’t know what I want.»
  • Frequent dizziness. Another symptom associated with the restructuring of the body’s hormones. The head starts to spin because of the increased quantity in the body the blood and extra strain on the heart.
  • Nausea in the morning. Most often, a woman sick immediately after waking up, but it also happens that the feeling of nausea did not leave her throughout the day. In some cases, even vomiting. This sign can appear both in the first and second month after conception.
  • To react to certain smells. There is a hypersensitivity to some smells, and very sharply. If a woman every day I get to eat eggs in the morning, during pregnancy the smell of the eggs can trigger her gag reflex. Examples are numerous. To somehow protect themselves from these intolerable smells, you just need to delete the source.
  • There is a growing appetite. The feeling of hunger is another fairly common sign of the presence of new life in the body of the girl. In some women this feeling does not disappear even after a meal.

Signs of pregnancy in the second month

Other symptoms of pregnancy

  • Frequent metallic taste in the mouth.
  • Changes taste preferences. A girl can begin to experience cravings for food, which was never meant to have before.
  • Possible breathing problems. Some women experience the problem of difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath. The symptom is the place to be just for the first months of pregnancy.

As not to confuse the signs of pregnancy PMS?

headache during pregnancy

  • Selection. During pregnancy they are very scanty, whereas during menses – abundant. Also, in the first case, the allocation may continue for several months, while during menstruation from 5 to 7 days.
  • Mood swings. In pregnancy, the mood of the woman very abruptly changes from good to bad. But when she PMS all the time can be in a bad mood.
  • The pain in my chest. In pregnancy, the chest not only hurts, but is increasing in size, while for PMS is the presence of only pain.
  • Headache. This pain during pregnancy can be present throughout the day, but when PMS often goes to the evening.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you can take vitamins for expectant mothers.

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