The correct advice to girls for getting rid of excess weight

As we know, many girls are actively fighting with their excess weight. Some go crazy on this topic and just abuse my body.

Frankly, between us girls, that struggle with their weight it is easy and possible.

How to lose weight effectively

You may ask why I am writing this article only for women? Answer. Browsing and reading a lot of literature, I learned that our beloved men much easier to get rid of your muffin-top, than us girls. In our brain there is no program aimed at diet and other fat burning methods. In men, the opposite is true. They easily perceive and process information, as if to say with body language. This fact deserves applause.

Like we are all the same. People as people. Men and women. But it so happened the stars, girls that here luck is not on our side.

How to lose weight through diet

Can share with you a small experience in this field, offer guidance on how to overcome this obstacle and to move the arrow on the scale to the left.

All this talk and advice about what you need to do sports. Yes, they are effective, but even a ten-kilometer run on the treadmill will help to burn the calories that you will consume, say, at eleven o’clock in the evening in the form of a few sandwiches and pounds of meat rolls while watching your favourite series.

Many of us just don’t have time for fitness, and you can’t always stick to eating healthy homemade food. It does not matter.

Hence the first rule — keep YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

No… I don’t mean to take this phrase literally and say nothing. It should be understood in the sense – not to eat.

How to lose weight through diet

As said my old friend: «I Want to keep myself in good shape – do not eat after six, but if you want to lose weight – the refrigerator after four to you already closed». And I know this is a pretty effective way.

We constantly hear, don’t eat, don’t eat it, and about it could ever forget. On the contrary, friends, you can have it all! But, of course, within reason. If you want to try this cake, take a bite, but don’t eat the whole thing. Because if you constantly deny yourself something that can go on the roof, and away you go, new a lot more calories than you lost.

A little sugar may be allowed only in the first half of the day. To body time to process and to direct the received energy, and not to postpone their stocks to fold. Next, eat for lunch is usual for you dish, but reduce the portion. And dinner… dinner. One small Cup of yogurt will be enough to eat.

With the first finished.

How to lose weight

Second, DRINK the WATER.

The water in the process, well, just necessary. Especially useful in the morning on an empty stomach to drink at least about one glass of plain boiled water. As your nutrition plan will be modified and the portions are reduced, water you can drink it often and with pleasure. Only two liters of water a day will create such miracles, which you so long dreamed of.

And third, the final rule is MORE TRAFFIC.

I think you will notice for yourself that instead of each kilogram of the departed, comes energy and mobility. Many things will be much easier and the result more pleasing. If you have had a very hard day, no energy to push press, unable to sit peacefully on your sofa and just pinch my tummy. Though not fast, but the fat will still start to decompose, and you will be one step closer to success.

How to lose weight through sports

In principle, there are three basic rules that will help you to cope with this disaster. The first days and weeks will be hard, but the beauty demands victims.

Start to love yourself, and others will not leave you without attention.

In conclusion, I want to add that together to do more fun. So do not be lazy to find a girlfriend with the same problem to exchange experiences and results. Help each other, and the process will become much more interesting.

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