The better to brush your teeth

Methods of cleaning tooth enamel and the means for its prevention are presented in a wide Arsenal. This toothpastes, powders, gels, rinses, dental floss, bleach, Glossary, irrigators, toothpicks, and other types. In fact, for normal daily care of the area of the mouth you need to have at least toothpaste hygienic operation, mouthwash and dental floss. For rapid assistance and the safety net you need to add in your complex a couple of means.

Than brushing teeth

The most important and permanent equipment in the care of the oral cavity are toothpastes. They are differentiated according to three characteristics: hygienic, treatment-and-prophylactic and bleaching. Pasta with hygienic index is well freshen the mouth, infected gums and care. Therapeutic and prophylactic pastes work in a broader spectrum of action, which includes, in addition to care, and even preventive, curative and nourishing properties.

Paste made of herbs that have active ingredients that fight cavities, periodontal disease, inflammation. Of the most frequent among the components of the paste composition occur oak bark, sage, eucalyptus, chamomile, mint. Also in the paste is sometimes added vitamins, herb extracts, infusions of medicinal plants, mineral salts, trace elements and fermenting warehouses. The active ingredients in the form of fluoride and calcium, which contain some prophylactic pastes, adjust the balance of essential substances in the tissues of the tooth.

Whitening toothpastes do not recommend to use it often, and, moreover, cannot paste to achieve the perfect whitening. Do specially designed tools and formulations in a dentist’s office.

Gel dentifrice

Dentifrices are not uncommon in pharmacies, but they have some disadvantages, which can not be considered a permanent means for care of teeth. Feature of tooth powders is that they act as an abrasive, scraping with no problems soft and medium-soft plaque. They are able to remove tobacco film and a well polished surface to tooth enamel. The disadvantages of powders are that:

  • they can be stored in unsealed containers;
  • dentifrices do not have a curative effect;
  • often to apply them is impossible, because you can damage the enamel.

Optimal use of powders for the teeth – 2-3 times a week.

Teething gels act very gently and are suitable for caries prevention. Cleansing properties they have expressed less than in pastes and powders, however if you suffer from high sensitivity of dentin, then for you they will be the best option. Most gel toothpastes contain important minerals that have a positive effect on the tissue of the tooth. In addition, they present a low percentage of fluorine with an activity of from 0.1 to 1.5.

Tooth elixirs and conditioners – new fashion trends, but by and large, is a subsidiary of hygienic means. Their purpose is to deodorize the mouth and freshen breath. After eating they can also be used. There are rinses with Express action, improves the nutrition of the gums and prevents inflammation.

Any thread

Dental floss and flosser – necessary attributes for cleaning interdental spaces. After all, there is not always possible to reach even the most modernized toothbrush. They are easy to use, does not injure the enamel and clean difficult places. These devices help you out in any place as it does not require any additional devices.

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