That bite?

Fish vary in type of food. Some fish are omnivorous, other predators, and others feed on vegetable food. Therefore, it is important to choose the right bait before fishing. However, for a successful choice of bait should also take into account other factors. This and the nature of the reservoir, time of year…

If you want to catch walleye or perch, then you should know that they are predators. Omnivorous fish generally can try many things: it could be a grain of barley, and the worm, and even dough! By the way, if you want to be confident in your choice, sometimes, is ask the people living in the vicinity of the reservoir, about that bite.


Why is it important? Some omnivorous fish, for example, in one place may be interested in a ball of bread, and another worm. If it is not possible to ask somebody, is to rely only on their own understanding of the issue, so it pays to have at least a basic understanding of those or other lures and for what fish they are interesting.

The interest of the lake species of fish and how to catch them?

Want to catch an eel or burbot? Then you will need a bottom fishing rod. These fish may be interested in the earthworm. If we talk about the eel separately, then it will be interesting and dead fish, which might be more expensive worms, but, it may be more efficient. The aforementioned rod is extracted and tench, which you can lure a crumb of potato, batter and even maggots.


What to catch carp? Earthworms, maize is a suitable choice for catching this fish. Used fishing rods not only bottom, but float. There are very few fish that can be found in almost any body of water. One of these is carp. To interest the fish can as an earthworm, and bread or a grain of corn. Generally the fish may be of interest to many. Types of bait for carp is very similar to baits for carp. Caught both fish due to the float or bottom fishing rods.

To catch a predatory fish? Easy!

Many fishermen probably really want to get the pike. This fish, like walleye, are extracted through the bottom rods. Can also be used spinning. But what about the bait? It is with the different methods of fishing will be the same. If we talk about pike, you can catch, including dead fish. Walleye and pike can be extracted using vibrohvost or trolling.


By the way, good trolling rainbow trout, and Chub. In this case, the spinning. However, trout will be interesting also simulators insects and flies. As for bass, it can besides spinning rod and fish a float rod. Vibrohvost and baubles – these are the bait on which the fish caught is better. Summer can also come in the earthworm, but in the winter it can be caught on bloodworms.

Trout fishingTrout fishing

Catfish is a fish that is produced not only by fishing bottom fishing rod or spinning. This fish is spearfishing. Small fish, frogs, clam meat – this is one of those baits that can achieve success when fishing for catfish.

Carp – this fish is secretive. So to catch him is not easy…. However, it still may need bottom or float rod. Well as bait can be used insect larvae, potato dough, worms.

On how to catch fish non-predatory

Float rod to catch as perch and Chub. By the way, for catching the latest used and spinning. For catching fish both suitable and grubs, and worms. White bream, Rudd and roach can be caught bottom fishing rod, and float. These three fish may be of interest as a crumb of bread and maggot. Also used the earthworm.

Fishing for bullheadFishing for bullhead

What to catch IDE? Suitable fishing rods fly or float. The fish may be interested in the caddis larva, earthworm and other bait. Bottom and float fishing rods you can catch carp and bream. For both types of fish suitable as a grain of corn, and worm. By the way, carp can be caught even on such unpopular with many fish the bait like a cherry! If a person is that what are biting, the fishing is successful and enjoyable!

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