Studying geography

Geography is quite interesting and unusual science that studies the Earth. In Greek the word «geography» means «zemleopisanie», that you can answer the question, studying geography. Every year, this science was perfected, she conquered new tops, becoming more extensive and interesting, attracted attention.

Experiencing the geography because the rulers were obsessed to learn how different States of the country, many marine and terrestrial paths for movement. Geography, as a science, has developed hundreds of thousands of years, bringing us new and useful information.

General characteristics of geography

Geography deals with the study of the geographical envelope of the Earth and its structure. Part of geography, the three major Sciences that make it more interesting and complete.

Studying geography


  1. Geography – it investigates the development of geographic shell, as well as regularities of its structure.
  2. Landscape science – the science of natural territorial complexes.
  3. Paleogeography – examines the physical and geographical environment and its dynamics.

Geography is a broad concept, it is directly related to other Sciences, which study various earth features, phenomena and processes.

Geography – Earth science

Starting to study the subject of geography, even a small child knows that first and foremost geography studies the Earth. But actually still there are many other Sciences that study living beings, organisms. We note the following science:

  • Country studies.
  • Historical geography.
  • Cartography.

The science of Geography deals with the study of water, air and solid shell of the Earth, as well as the interaction of living beings with nature, and also responds to a number of other issues.


Earth’s surface is very diverse, it has sections like land and water. Directly largest is oceans and continents. The ground tend to make different weather conditions such as hail, rain, wind, snow, earthquake. All of this is also studying geography.

Lately people have a huge impact on the Earth, and it is, unfortunately, negative. Geography tries to explore all the changes taking place on Earth, no matter how negative they may be.

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