Shrubs in the design of landscape design

Creating an attractive and interesting landscape on your plot – it’s not easy. A lot of things to decide, to consider and implement. And when all construction work carried out, communications, and even planted trees, it’s time for the best part of this thing – gardening. What about the huge choice of options: bushes, flowers, vines and grass, not just grass. We’re in this article will focus on the shrubs.

Shrubs in landscape design

The landscaping of the site

The fact that the form and size of all these plants are very different, therefore, you should carefully consider the place of their landing. There are instances of blooming and not blooming; with decorative leaves and intricate branches; need support and trailing on the ground. Some people don’t like shade, while others do not tolerate the sun, so let’s look at the most popular types of them.

Varieties of shrubs

Hydrangea is a tree plant has a great inflorescence in the form of balls. Its colouring is white, purple and pink. But that it pleased the eye with their bouquets, it is necessary to feed regularly. The shrub from 1 to 3 m. the Hydrangea likes acidic soil and partial shade, but blooms from June to September.

Bush of rhododendron

Rhododendrons – this is a fairly low plant, which grows well in the shaded area. Their color and leaf form has many options, and some varieties even smell. When planting, consider the soil moisture it is impossible to prevent rotting of the rhizome, but they do not tolerate drying out. Everything should be in moderation. Rhododendrons tolerate pruning, which will positively affect their growth and flowering.

Magnolia is a magnificent shrub in the flowering period. It has large flowers, mostly delicate shades and have a delightful aroma. Plant in partial shade and watered regularly. While weeding be careful, because the roots of the Magnolia surface. To cut it is not necessary, but for the best decoration, you can cut branches growing into the center of the crown.

Wisteria is a shrub like out of a fairy tale. It is, generally, the perfect assistant in the design of the site. Since the length of its branches reaches 18 m, with its help you can hide everything You don’t like! Tired old building or a dried-up tree that once cut down? Plant near Wisteria, pull a few strands in an unsightly object, and after a time You won’t recognize him.

Kush chubushnika

Siren or as it is called Jasmine – a large shrub, so large holders of land. If neglected, it will grow to obscene proportions. He perfectly brings the winter and completely unpretentious. Its white flowers cover the entire crown and have a delicate flavor. The beautiful Jasmine in the hedges.

The Japan quince is a shrub of the family Rosaceae. It blooms in late April — early may. Interestpenalties not only for its colors have quite bright colors, but also fruits. They look like little apples, which are edible and very useful. This shrub grows very slowly, so don’t take it under a lot of empty space.

Lilacs in the landscape design

Lilac – this fairly common shrub in our days has gained so many interesting shapes and colors that deserves a special place in your garden. There are varieties with yellow, blue and red buds. If you regularly feed the siren and pursue the formation of a crown, she will decorate the site. Moreover, very demanding.

Landscape design of the plot becomes interesting and even exciting affair. Plants can be transplanted, to swap, to assemble in groups. Choose these types of which flowering occurs in different time frames, then they will entertain You from early spring to late autumn.

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