Provence – style village in a city apartment

How sometimes you want to relax after a hard day, sit on the veranda of his country house and admire the flowers in the flowerbeds! But the fact is that not everyone has such a wonderful opportunity. Someone can’t afford to live in the village, and someone doesn’t want to burden yourself with worries for the care of a private house. How to combine the pleasant with the possible? The answer is simple – a charming Provence style.


Rustic style in the city

This style came to us from the provincial houses of the South of France, where people decorated their homes simply but with typical French elegance. These houses breathe the sea, the heat sunlight and nature. From this, and look a bit faded, worn, warm and soft. Inside a lot of live and dried plants and floral ornaments on the walls and in textiles.

Filling space

The most interesting and distinctive feature of the room will be the furniture. Here it is given special attention, because this detail of the interior can best reflect this style. The furniture must be made of wood, as it is the most ancient material for its production, and the new MDF and particleboard do not always take root in the province. This pleasure is not cheap, but there are a few little tricks.


First, you can order furniture made of modern materials, but follows the shape and color that are inherent in Provence. And then artificially aged. Second, nothing prevents you to turn the dresser or wardrobe that you are with grandma. Maybe somewhere in the garage there is a pair of tables that will heal a new life? And how much of this stuff at the flea market! Almost Antiques.



Of course, the furniture is good, but the treatment of the room in which it will stand, no less important. Talk a little bit about the color. It will be mainly pastel, muted and peaceful shades. Everything around You should have to rest and relax. But there is another feature of the Provencal style is a fine pattern in different manifestations.

Of course, the walls can be solid. This painting, decorative plaster, applied casually and carelessly, and facing the Board, simulating old tree, which took from the pantry. You also use the same small flower, diluting them, the monotony of the walls, marking the covers with this simple pattern or hang blackout curtains on the Windows. It will add charm and comfort to Your home.

Moving from walls to floor, remember, there will be no linoleum or carpet. Cover the floor with tiles or wood Board. If the tile is worn, it’s all perfect. Of course, a wood floor will cost You a pretty penny, but here the problem is solved. Why not use laminate flooring? Not a tree, of course, but as a budget solution – that is necessary.


Selection of accessories

Now, when finished and fitted furniture, lacks only one thing – accessories. They can be a lot, maybe a little, but they have to show that the interior was inhabited for a long time and he has his own story. Wrought iron sconce or candle holders, paintings, vases, and mysterious boxes. And of course the live plants as the atmospheric detail of Your «country» apartment.

You can create an atmosphere of eternal summer, despite the seasons. Even in winter You will be warm and cozy. Put soft cushions on the seats, cover the sofas with blankets, and tables with cloths. Brew the tea and enjoy its Mediterranean weather, not paying attention to what’s outside the window.

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