Pandora’s box is that?

The idiom «Open a Pandora’s box» is known to all, but few know what he stands for. After the release of the film «Avatar» some of the audience decided that this expression is connected with the magic planet, described by James Cameron. This is not true. Pandora’s box is that? And what happens if to open it? Let’s face it.

The ancient Greek myth

To understand the meaning of the idiom «Open a Pandora’s box», should refer to the myths of Ancient Greece. The legend of Pandora has its roots in the story of the Titan Prometheus. He did not obey the great Zeus and gave humans fire. The gods decided to take revenge, because after the act of the Titan people have a great strength – fire. In importance they approached the gods.

Residents of Olympus were not very forgiving. They were angry, jealous, intrigued and behaved brutally. So this time, Zeus decided to take revenge on the people that have received the greatest gift.

For this, Zeus summoned Hephaestus and gave him a terrible order. He forced him to do out of the water and the earth a girl named Pandora. She didn’t know, which is a means for revenge.

Pandora's box what is it

How the gods created Pandora

Jealous gods decided to punish the family of Prometheus and all of humanity, which, in their opinion, the fire is not deserved.

When the body was ready Pandora, Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, gave the motionless statue of incredible grace and charm. Athena produced exquisite outfits. Hera gave a sharp wit, and Hermes has made her a smart girl who will be able to find a way out of a confusing situation. He also breathed into it the power of oratory to make Pandora could win every argument.

After all the preparations, Zeus took a deep breath, clung to the mouth of Pandora, and she flew into the shower. He also made a pretty girl very interesting.

His creation, the Olympic gods named Pandora, which means «all gifted».


The mystery box

Satire sent a girl to the people. They left her near the house of the brother of Prometheus, Epithemia. Pandora Box took, Zeus told her that it is a valuable dowry. This version of the myth according to Hesiod.

Another interpretation says that the box is the baggage of Hermes. He left her in the house of the brother of Prometheus. This box was illness and unhappiness that Zeus decided to unleash on humanity.

Epithema fell in love with Pandora and decided to marry her. Zeus gave the bride a box and strictly ordered in any case not to open it.

Pandora loved to spin the mystery box in his hands. Once it has attached to it an ear and listened carefully. From the drawer he heard strange sounds. Pandora’s curiosity took over, naughty girl opened a drawer and removing from disease and hardships that become a punishment for people. They had the appearance of a bizarre evil creatures which began to bite and sting interesting beauty. Terrified, Pandora closed the lid, so the bottom of the box was hope, which did not manage to fly out of the box. This is the only thing left mankind to stand firm against adversity. And evil creatures have managed to spread around the world. The revenge of Zeus took place. The gods re-won.

Box Pandora

The meaning of the idiom

The expression «to Open Pandora’s box» is a warning. It is used when we want to protect people from impulsive acts. «Do not Wake famously, until it quietly» — that is the Russian equivalent of this idiom. One thoughtless action can lead to dire consequences. This is what the myth says about the beauty of Pandora and the mysterious box.

In honor of Pandora is named one of the satellites of the planet Saturn. Pandora travels along the orbit together with her husband Epiteliem. Astronomers have decided not to separate the lovers, and called them by the names of the two satellites.

Pandora also called a unique virus that scientists found in the lakes of Australia and Chile.

Box Pandora

Way fun girls Pandora continues to attract the attention of people around the world.

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