Otolaryngologist — who is it

The people of this expert called «ear-throat-nose». In official medicine it is called otolaryngologist – who is it? What diseases are turning to it patients ? We will consider these issues in more detail.

Otolaryngologist – who is it

Otolaryngologist call a doctor who deals with treatment of diseases of the nose, throat, ear and touches upon the related ailments of the head and neck, and if necessary, provides patients with preventive or surgical care.

Turns out that it’s throat, and the organs of hearing and smell are the most vulnerable, because they are preceded by respiratory and digestive tract and while in the beginning, the first responders to various alien organisms that enter the body.

What does an audiologist

This specialist conducts patient examination, prescribes treatment and prevention measures, if necessary, conducts surgery. Such operations include:

  • Surgery for diseases of the ear: tympanotomy, polypotomy, tympanoplasty, manipulations that improve hearing, remove foreign bodies from the ear, treatment of suppurative otitis media.
  • Operations in the nasal cavity: polypectomy, correction of the nasal septum, the intervention of an abscess or hematoma nasal septum, sinus puncture coagulation of blood vessels.
  • Surgical intervention in the larynx or throat: tonsillectomy, adenotomy.

What diseases cured

That treated by a doctor otolaryngologist? First and foremost, these are all diseases related to nose, ears and throat.

Among the diseases of the nasopharynx, which often treats patients who are:

  • sinusitis;
  • various kinds of damage to the nose and nasopharynx;
  • variety of rhinitis: acute, chronic, allergic.

Diseases of the throat are treated by ENT doctor:

  • sore throat;
  • laryngomalacia;
  • hypertrophy of the tonsils;
  • polyps in the larynx;
  • tonsillitis.

Diseases of the ear, the treatment of which is the responsibility of the otolaryngologist:

  • otitis;
  • hearing loss;
  • serous of the tube.

When you go to the audiologist

What kind of doctor is an otolaryngologist, and what diseases it cures, we considered. And when the patient is using it? Him a visit plan patients who suffer from any of the authorities, the treatment of which is addressed by this doctor. It could be inflammation of throat, impairment of hearing or smell, tingling and discharge from these organs, runny nose, snoring, problems with the thyroid.

Pediatric otolaryngologist

Most often this doctor treat children, especially toddlers up to 3 years, as at this age they are very sensitive to infections. ENT treats shortness of breath, including those caused by enlarged adenoids, throat infections, ear and paranasal sinuses.

As the inspection

For inspection of the nasal cavity, the audiologist uses a bright light and a special device – the frontal reflector. When rhinitis and sinusitis, no less important is the palpation of the nose, in which the doctor examines the frontal sinus.

Another way to study is to rhinoscopy:

  1. Examination of the turbinates is performed using a special mirror that pushes the wings of the nose.
  2. Healthy nasal mucosa has a pale pink hue, and the surface of the turbinates of the nose smooth. During the examination the doctor will examine the nasal septum.

With the disease of sore throat, pharyngitis or other diseases of the throat, the doctor examines the maxillary sinus. To do this, palpate the lymph nodes located near the ears and under the jaw. As an audiologist evaluates:

  • the degree of hypertrophy of the tonsils;
  • the symmetry of the sky;
  • deformation of gaps;
  • the presence of adhesions;
  • the presence of pus tubes.
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