Mytishchi DTI registered letter, what is it?

Although many people think that the Post of Russia is gradually losing its relevance, it is still widely used. People annually get a huge amount of parcels, letters and various messages. So many people wonder – Mytischi DTI registered letter what is it?

Mytishchi DTI registered letter that it is

What is DTI?

In order to understand how the correspondence may be marked «Mytishchi DTI registered letter», you need to understand what exactly is DTI. This acronym may be familiar to many under the transcript of Road Transport Inspection. Some might think that letters marked DTI, enclosing a receipt for payment of the fine associated with the violation of traffic rules.

That’s only partly true. On the one hand, the envelope can indeed be a fine, but the DTI stands for is different. This Additional Technological Index.

These indexes are used exclusively by government entities. Often leaves you can see not just the name of the additional technological index, and ASC-DTI. In this case, an abbreviation indicating that an envelope sent to the state structure, and he visited in an Automated Sorting Center.

Mytishchi DTI

Features sheets of DTI

Therefore, this combination of letters means something received from public services. What could be inside this envelope?

Most likely that inside is a receipt for payment of tax or penalty. If the letter came in the period from March to October, and especially if in August or September, you can be almost sure that inside there is a tax. It is on this time period is the peak mailing of tax notices.

Interestingly, it is not necessary to wait for messages to pay their taxes. Many services are offered online not only to learn about existing debts, but to pay them.

The letters that are the acronym of DTI, it is impossible to send a reply. If you need to deal with tax, then you need to go to her place of property location.

It’s easy to understand correspondence sent from the DTI index, not even seeing this abbreviation. If the sheets are index numbers «145», no need to try to find a post office with this code. It does not exist.

However, recently the tax service increasingly began to send out notices is not custom, but a simple letter. Mytishchi DTI registered letter that it in this case? Consider other options.


Mytishchi DTI registered letter – what is it?

So, inside this envelope may not be the only tax.

The message of that correspondence do not write it to the sender. However, nothing prevents to try to guess what is inside. For this it is worth remembering about the car. If it is occasional use, then it is likely that the mail came a fine. Then inside the envelope will be all information about the offense including picture recorder, the date and time.

Do not postpone the payment of the fine – thanks to innovations in the first month after the receipt it is possible to pay with 50% discount.

However, what is inside the letter, if it is not a tax and not a penalty? There is another option. Mytishchi DTI registered letter probably has some inside information from the bailiff. Do not delay with the receipt and study of such documents.


What to do when you receive a notice?

If the postman brought a message stating that you need to get a certified letter Mytishchi-DTI, it is also possible to visit the post office to find out some facts about what is inside. You do this by typing the index on the website email or call a special number.

In any case, after that you will have to personally come to mail and receive correspondence. So as a registered letter, without an ID will not do. After that, you will be given a coveted letter and it will be possible to see exactly what is inside.

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