Moscow October what station?

Moscow, capital of Russia, one of the largest cities. Despite its size, it continues to grow almost every year. Nothing surprising in the fact that this city has a variety of stations, both railway and bus. Many people ask, Moscow October what station? One can easily get lost – the names change and the stations a lot.

the station Moscow

The Stations Of Moscow

Only in the capital of Russia is nine stations are operational, it is planned to establish three more.

  • Belarusian railway station.

He appeared in 1870 and since then has not once changed its name. He was Smolensk, Brest and Alexander, while in the 36 year of the last century did not Belarus-Baltic. To find the station is on the square of Tverskaya Zastava. Come here as long-distance trains and commuter trains and transit trains.

  • Kazan railway station.

You can find it on the so-called square of Three Stations. There it is 1862, though until around the twentieth century it was called Ryazan. From here trains run to Murom and Ryazan.

  • Kiev railway station.

It is relatively new – emerged in 1918, and for over ten years was called Bryansk. It is located on the homonymous square, and hence mostly electric trains go in different directions, and the Express trains will transport passengers to airports.

  • Kursk station.

It was created in 1896 and named «Kursk-Nizhny Novgorod», but soon the name was changed. This is a rather large station, depart many trains and long distance trains in different directions.

  • Paveletskiy train station

He began working with twentieth century, more than forty years was called Saratov. He is the link between Moscow, Volga region, the Caucasus and Kazakhstan. Also here you can get to Domodedovo.

  • Riga station

Appeared a year after Paveletskaya. Had to change the names of Rzhev, the Baltic and Vindavsky. It is possible to go to Velikie Luki or Pskov, as well as access to a number of settlements with trains.

  • Savelovsky station.

Opened a year after the Riga, and was first named Butyrskaya. It differs in that here not sent one long-distance train.

  • Yaroslavl station.

He appeared in the middle of the nineteenth century, and since then was called Trinity and North. It departs from the Express train Mytishchi, here begins the longest railway. With the help of the Yaroslavl station you can get to Mongolia, China and North Korea.

Moscow October what station?

Each Moscow station there is at least one name, so it is difficult to understand Moscow October what station?

The official name of the place of departure of trains from the Leningrad station, however the station is designated Moscow-October. If the ticket says these words, then you need to take the metro to Komsomolskaya metro station. You can get there by buses, such as routes 40 and 122. You can come on the bus 14, 41, 88, 22, as well as trams 7, 50, 37 13.

Moscow, October is a station

Leningrad railway station

Moscow-October located on the area of Three stations. Along with this station there you can find the Yaroslavl and Kazan stations. On the square you can find the monument to St. George,

Here is ten ways, five to electrically and five long-distance trains. More than half of all transportation goes to St. Petersburg, and the rest is divided between Novgorod, Pskov, Helsinki and some other cities. It is interesting that from the Leningrad station started to walk to the popular Peregrine, connecting the capital and St. Petersburg.


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