Moscow ASTs DTI what is it?

Receipt of a letter can be both a joyous event and is very sad – it all depends on its contents. If the long-awaited envelope, then there is no need to guess what is inside. However, the letters can come from, at first glance, it is incomprehensible sender. For example, the Moscow ASTs DTI what is it?

Moscow ASTs DTI what is it?


It is necessary to understand the words in order. First and foremost, you need to understand what is ASTs? This abbreviation can be deciphered as Automated sorting Center. This kind of branch of Mail of Russia, is a network of representative offices in all regions.

The essence of these centres is that they are a technology that allows you to automatically sort mail. This makes the shipping process much faster, because faster processing.

Moscow sorting center opened the first in Russia, it happened in 2009. Today about a quarter of all correspondence you have on him. In 2011, the automatic sorting has been created in St.-Petersburg, but it also comes mail to the Novgorod and Pskov regions.

Finally, in 2014, there is now an innovative logistics center in Vnukovo. It combines the functions of automatic sorting center and the customs clearance process.



The letters «DTI» stands for extra technology index. If a letter is specified this abbreviation, you can be sure that the correspondence received from government agencies. Thus, it can be paper from the tax office, the fines from the traffic police or a variety of judicial notice.

Feature reports about the letter from the DTI that they are not indicative of the sender. To find out what exactly was sent only after direct receipt of the letter.

Although DTI is the index, it does not refer to a specific post office. It can be considered a virtual index. DTI is used to avoid overloading the present post office, where there are a lot of work.

What is Moscow ASTs DTI?

Now, when every word is clear in itself, it remains only to put it together, and it becomes clear Moscow ASTs DTI what it is.

Therefore, if the letter entered by the sender, it means that the correspondence was sorted by an automated centre that is located in the capital of Russia. It also means that a letter received from public service.

First, assume that the were sent a receipt for the payment of taxes. If you received a letter have a car, there is a high likelihood that inside the envelope is fine. If the taxes were recently paid, and no car, it can also be information obtained through registration on the website of public services. If this option is not suitable, remain subpoenas and other similar securities.

In rare cases, the error messages of this kind. If a person has paid taxes or penalties, court cases and registering on the website services, but something similar came anyway, then you can try to challenge the document.

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