Mnemonics what is it?

How much in life needs to remember people! It all starts with your own name, names of relatives and friends, then addresses, important phone numbers, key names, different facts, texts… In our brain is a huge amount of information and eventually remember becoming increasingly difficult. Then the question arises, mnemonics, what is it?

mnemonics what it is

The concept of mnemonics

Mnemonics is inextricably linked with the concept of mnemonics. This word appeared in ancient Greek. It can be translated as the art of remembering.

Also this word denotes the process of visualizing a particular object. This is one of the techniques that allows to facilitate the memorization process. If an object’s external properties you can imagine in my head, that detailed mental reproduction of this item will help you remember the various information about it.

Mnemonics appeared a long time ago. Earlier, people could not store a huge amount of information in a computer or books, they had to keep in mind. Priests, shamans and other people passed on their knowledge for a long time, storing them exclusively in its own memory. Medieval monks were forced to memorize long liturgical texts.

So, in broad terms, a mnemonic is any effective method of remembering information. Often this word is called and the method based on remembering the connection between the images. Sometimes used an illustrated system of codes, and sometimes their own Association.


What is a mnemonic?

So, mnemonics, what is it? The word can be defined as a set of special techniquesthat make remembering information more simple process. It also increases the volume of human memory, because the created Association. With the help of mnemonics some abstract objects are replaced by clear concepts, which can have a visual expression, and to be created out of sound or kinetic sensations.

The mnemonics can be defined as «internal letter», in which a person binds in the brain different images and information.

It is possible to allocate four stages in this process.

  • First and foremost, the person creates the appropriate images.
  • You must then associate the information you want to remember with these images.
  • After is memorization of the sequence, which will help to determine what information associated with the image.
  • In the end it is only necessary to secure the established associations in memory.


Why mnemonics?

Mnemonics are almost always used in the case when you need to remember that in a normal situation to study is almost impossible. Of course, the usual method of rote learning does not disappear, however, the information learned thus erased in a few days.

Suppose that the person needs to memorize a huge list of phone numbers or other complex numerical order. They can just memorize, but this will be extremely difficult and painful. If you use the mnemonics, you will be able not just to remember all the numbers, but also their sequence. Experienced mnemonist easily reproduces memorized not only live, but in the reverse order.

Of course, in order to understand this method, it will need a lot of time, but you can learn about the basic techniques.

  • From the first letters in each phrase you want to memorize, you can write some words and conceptual images.
  • The case will help create a rhyme.
  • For a long time are easier to remember by their Association with similar simple words.
  • Cicero used the method associated with spatial imagination and method of Aivazovsky, based on visual memory.

There are many different methods of mnemonics, the study of which it is possible to spend large amounts of time. However, it is better to use them than to kill the clock on cramming, and then still forget.


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