Looks like a real Chupacabra

Every citizen of Russia at least once heard of this mysterious creature, like the Chupacabra. Still looks like a Chupacabra? A clear opinion does not exist. This strange animal met people in different parts of the world, and each of the witnesses described what they saw in their own way. There have also been cases when hunters were able to kill the Chupacabra, and the carcass of the beast was not similar to any of the known biology of the creatures.

looks like the Chupacabra

It is known that for the first time the Chupacabra was met by a man on the South American continent. In 1992, in the villages Latinskoi America night began to disappear Pets. After searching the local residents have shown cattle in the dead state, and always with the common signs of violent death. At the same time on the body of animals there was not a single bite, but necks were found two punctures from the fangs. In all cases, was drinking blood from the victim’s body.

Mexican hunters began to ambush on a hitherto unprecedented beast, organized mass raids, and could become the first witnesses of a living Chupacabra. The descriptions of the Chupacabra witnesses had the following characteristics:

  • The body length of creatures is one to two meters, and depends on the age and sex of the individual.
  • The earth moves Chupacabra on two legs discontinuous jumps, like a kangaroo.
  • It eats only blood, biting through the necks of other animals skin. While lacerations on the body always absent.
  • Has a long pair of fangs located in the upper jaw.
  • The skin of the beast, deprived of wool, and consists of coarse thorns and dead skin naresta. Their appearance reminded people the skin of prehistoric reptiles.
  • Paws of the beast are the membrane, as in animals that spend most of their life in the aquatic environment.
  • The neck of the animal is elongated, and the head is disproportionately small compared to the massive torso.
  • The front legs are much shorter than the rear.
  • The animal has a tail of medium length.

the appearance of Chupacabra

According to the testimony of other witnesses, the Chupacabra is able to make such jumps, they are more like parrying flight. After Mexico Chupacabra almost immediately were seen on site in Puerto Rico. Some hunters were able to kill the beast. In this regard, the network appeared many images of an unknown animal, of the external characteristics and description, reminiscent of the famous Chupacabra.

What is a Chupacabra?

If you delve into the mythology and ancient legends of different peoples of the world, you can find a lot of interesting information, the content of which relates to the description of such wonderful creatures of the present, as the Chupacabra. In Latin America, where Chupacabra, even the tribes of the Incas in their writings told about a terrible beast that has unprecedented power. In legends it was said:

  • The body of the beast covered in armor, which is impossible to break the usual spear or sword.
  • The teeth creatures are so large and sharp that induced fear and terror into even the most courageous and experienced warriors.
  • The beast moved with unprecedented speed, and large water obstacles and rocks can overcome with the help of flying short distances.
  • The night he attacks human settlements, stealing people and animals to drink their blood.

This, of course, the mythology of one of the numerous tribes of South America, but still, sometimes the description of an unknown beast of antiquity too similar to the Chupacabra of modern times, which keeps at Bay many residents of rural communities around the world.

photo Chupacabra

Some researchers believe that the current Chupacabra is a very real descendant of those horrible monsters described in the legends of the Incas. There are, of course, and the scientists who belong to the group of skeptics. They argue that in ancient mythology many amazing creatures, anatomy which gives all possible laws of biology and evolution in General.

So, in 2003, an American anthropologist and biologist John Smith during an interview with one of the scientific journals, shared his personal opinion regarding the origin of the Chupacabra. He ironically said that admits the existence of this strange animal. Your opinion the scientist explained that in South America vast territory covered with dense impenetrable tropical and subtropical forests. There are places where human foot has not trod, and it is unlikely that people of modern civilization will be there in the next 30 years. In the forests of the Amazon and today they live wild tribes, the way of life that is the same as their ancestors who lived several hundred years ago. It is possible that a small number live there and still unexplored by man, the species of predatory animals that the people received the name Chupacabra.

Who is the Chupacabra?

The proven fact that the legend of the Chupacabra has taken deep roots not only in Latin America but also in the territory of the republics of the former Soviet Union. Thus, in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia many people reported that their household yards is attacked by an unknown creature called the Chupacabra. They told me that they found in the yard dead rabbits, goats, chickens and other livestock. The beast was so strong that it could easily destroy the cells containing Pets. Some media even published pictures of the dead Chupacabra.

the idea of the Chupacabra

After the mass publicity of a number of scientists from Russia have expressed their desire to conduct a study of carcasses of dead animals which were allegedly the Creature. In the end, in several different cases were identified such animals, which the locals believed the Creature:

  • Wild dog which is a descendant of a once-feral domestic dog and a wolf. These animals have all the basic predatory instincts of a wild beast attacking animals are aggressive, large, but not afraid of people.
  • Rabid Fox, which is due to severe forms of the disease rabies is almost completely lost hair, and looks really resembled extraterrestrial beast.
  • Please, who regularly visited the poultry yard of one family and drinking the blood of chickens. It is known that weasels and polecats do not leave lacerations on the body of their victims, but it is trying in this way to crush as many animals. Even if you eat them will fail.

That is, the results showed that in all cases the Chupacabra was a common wild animal that had a disease that changed his appearance. Or a wild animal because of hunger just encroached on rural yards.

How to behave when meeting with the Creature?

It is not necessary to sneer, and if the person he met on his way so a strange creature resembling in external signs described the Chupacabra, we should adhere to the following:

  • Not to do sharp movements and to monitor the response of the animal.
  • To call for help other people and create lots of noise, but not to run and not waving his arms.
  • If there is a tree or other object that can quickly climb, then you need to ride it as high as possible.
  • In the case of aggression from the side of the beast, you can not turn back to him. You should provide the animal maximum resistance to the beast understand that the victim is easy prey. Then he’ll back off.

Chupacabra in the yard

In General it is not fixed yet any case of Chupacabra attacks on humans. Chances are that this monster is incredibly clever, and beautifully assesses your physical abilities.

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