Like in Minecraft to make a portal to heaven

Every Minecraft player knows that the game world is just huge and have the opportunity to travel to heaven, hell, cosmos and other portals. For example, Paradise is a peaceful place where a huge number of different rarities. But to go to sleep, this space needs to be done. Like in Minecraft to make a portal to heaven? What do I need and how to move?

Like in Minecraft to make a portal to Heaven

Portals like in Heaven, Hell, etc. are fraught with many dangers for the players, so beginners who don’t yet have enough skills and uniforms, not even worth to go there. So, before you start creating the entrance to Paradise, you need to get various potions, gear that will make your journey safe, making you invulnerable player.

To make a portal in the base version is not possible. This requires mods Aether, Pipex or Minecraft Forge. Once you install them, you have the ability to create portals and travel to other worlds.

Materials for the construction of the portal

For the construction of a portal to heaven you need not so much material. For a start, get a bucket of water, otherwise you’ll have to look for sources of moisture. Still need a glowing stone. Only in Hell, so you have to get down there.

Going to Hell look for the glowing stone on the ceiling in the cave. Trying to knock down the stone, it will begin to crumble into small particles, which then collect into a single stone. For this you will need at least 56 of these fine particles. On a special machine, dust particles are collected into a single stone.

To build a portal in the game, it is necessary to fold the frame of the blocks. To entrance into Paradise became a work, and you could pass through it, need water, which is poured into the hole. If it was blue, then the portal works, and you can explore the other worlds.

How to use the portal

To use the portal in Minecraft very simple. In order to pass through it to another world, you need to fill the frame a little water from the bucket and the transition will be implemented automatically. If you plan to regularly use the portal, it is recommended to equip it: create the steps to install it in front of his ilisi etc.

If you do not plan all the time to use this portal, it is necessary next to make a button, clicking on which you can enable or disable it.

Video instruction

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