Like how to spell?

Russian language is not just considered to be one of the most difficult. Great difficulties in the study represent, as a rule, except Chinese and Japanese. Russian abounds with an incredible number of various rules, and not fewer exceptions to those rules. Many people ask «like how to spell?».

like how to spell

What is it?

It would seem that the word «if» is simple, it can hardly be used in different ways. In fact, it is not only applied in different situations, but can be different parts of speech.

First and foremost, it is the Union.

  • It is used when you want to attach part of the sentence. It could be the subordinate part, if it has the comparison value. In this case, the word «like» can be replaced by other similar concepts, such as «like» or «exactly». Example: it was easy and fun, like nothing happened.
  • The word in the form of the Union is used for joining parts, which has the value of a measure or degree of an action. You can consider the classic example: «Every day should be lived as if it were the last.»
  • Finally, in the same way joins the subordinate part, if the speaker is not a hundred percent sure of something. Example: You say that as if did it on purpose.

In addition to Union, a combination of «as if» can act as particles.

  • If you want to make a suggestion, or tell what seemed, you can use this share. In its content it will be similar with the word «allegedly». Example: the Sun and never will.
  • It is also possible to Express uncertainty in any fact. Example: She kind of mentioned that he was going to come.

as if

How to spell like?

Most people make mistakes in the spelling of the word, as I remember the rule they were taught in childhood. Who does not remember that poem,» or else – hyphen: don’t forget»? Seeing the end of a phrase, the letters «it», people may decide that there should put a hyphen. Some even create a completely unimaginable phrases like kabud or the like.

People can decide what’s easier to write that word together. All of this will be wrong. So, like how to spell?

Here the rule is very simple – as if will always be written separately. Between them do not need to put any dashes or comma, simple and individual writing.

If this fact is forgotten, the situation can be easily found out. «Like» has several synonyms, including «if», «if», «exactly». Simply replace the appropriate word with which no problem writing!


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