Largest stadiums in the world

Annually, these places draw millions of spectators and fans. They are filled with a powerful energy: the joy of victory and the bitterness of disappointment. In the world built a huge number of stadiums, however, there’s a special giants. Thus, the ranking of the Largest stadiums in the world.

5. Stadium Estadio Azteca (Mexico City, Mexico)

the Azteca stadium

This stadium has a capacity of 105 thousand people. It is the largest sports complex in Latin America and the fifth largest stadium in the world. The architects in the planning of the stadium has ensured that all matches were played in the same weather conditions for the teams. This is achieved due to the fact that the stadium was built on a 9 meters below street level on which it stands. The sun’s rays falling on the field, cross it perpendicularly, which allows both teams to be in the same position. The Azteca stadium is renowned for having twice hosted the decisive matches of the world Cup. By the way, be proud of the stadium is why: it is on the field soccer legend Diego Maradona showed a «Hand of God» after scoring century. And the game between Italy and Germany by some specialists, is one of the best in the history of football of the twentieth century. In 1968, there were the summer Olympic games.

4. Beaver stadium (University Park, Pennsylvania, USA)

The opening of the second largest stadium in the Western hemisphere and fourth in the world take place on 17 September 1960. The official capacity of the stadium is 106572 fan at the same time. The attendance record was set in 2002. Then the game of American football going 110.5 thousand people.

3. Michigan stadium (Ann arbor, Michigan, USA)

The opening of the stadium took place in the distant 1927. First, the maximum occupancy is not exceeded 82 thousand people. However, in 2010 the stadium was under renovation, after which the opportunity to watch the match and cheer for their team appeared immediately in 109900 fans. The stadium has the unofficial title of «Big house». Due to the allowed standing places (for fans of American soccer), the stadium can hold more than 110 thousand people. The stadium was built to host matches of American football the University of Michigan in the NCAA. Since November 1975 the stadium was not more than 100 thousand fans at the same time. The record of attendance at Michigan stadium was raised on 7 September 2013. When the match between the teams of Wolverines Michigan and Notre Dame are the fighting game. Irish it’s 115 109 people. Interesting is the fact that apart from football, the stadium held several Championships in the open air.

2. Salt Lake Stadium (Bidhannagar, India)

One of the largest stadiums in the world and largest in India. The stadium was built in 1984. The total area of the stadium is 309 thousand sq. m. at the same time this giant elliptical is able to accommodate 120 thousand fans. They are on stands, constructed in three tiers. The salt lake stadium, also called Stadium of the Indian youth, was built to host football matches. For this purpose it is still used. Also, it hosts competitions in athletics. The stadium lighting makes it comfortable to hold competitions even in the night time.

1. Ninnada First of may (Korea, China)

stadium Ninnada

This stadium is the largest in the world. It is able to accommodate more than 150 thousand fans at the same time. It is designed for the home matches of the DPRK, as well as various athletics events. The opening of the giant occurred in 1989. The stadium was built for the XIII festival of youth and students. From an architectural point of view the stadium like a blossoming flower through sixteen arches that form the ring. This idea allowed architects to cover the stands, to even the light rain was not a problem for watching matches. In addition to sporting events at the stadium regularly hosts a variety of musical and gymnastic performances. View 2007 entered the Guinness Book of records as the largest show.

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