Is there life after death?

Let’s try to answer one of the most common issues that concern millions of human minds: is there life after death? This question is asked by people of different ages and professions: children, adults, architects, and theologians, lovers of the scientific literature and scientists.

Is there life after death?

There are many opinions on this matter, however, all opinions can be summarized in two main: some believe that after death life does not end, but others disagree. Most scientists share the first thought. Let’s look at how the afterlife explains the science.

The American view of life after death

In Arizona there is a scientist, Professor of anesthesiology, named Stuart Hameroff who holds this opinion, that from the moment of occurrence of the fact of death, our consciousness does not disappear. So the afterlife is still there. The anesthesiologist calls the people to «quantum computers» and argues that their main program is the consciousness. All the things that we used to describe the humanity, the soul, spirituality, mind, at the time of death of the person disintegrate into small particles that leave the earth and go to space. There they merge with the universal mother, forever remaining a part of it.

Stuart Hameroff says that the Universe has its own information field, part of which is human consciousness after death of the body.

Physicist Roger Penrose, helped Hameroff in his studies, came to the conclusion that the cells of the human brain has a special microtubules, which focuses the soul. But the human consciousness is the product of the action microtron in the brain. Therefore, at the time of physical death a person’s consciousness splits from the microtubules in the brain in small quanta and leaves the body, becoming an eternal part of universal matter.

what is it life after death

It turns out that the human soul is not a simple neural connection in the brain, and is much more. It consists of the fabric of the Universe, and this means that the human soul exists eternally. Scientists also believe that the soul existed in the Universe long before the Earth came first.

The main argument Hameroff and Penrose is a special experience of survivors of clinical death. Most of them say they saw a bright piercing light of the huge tunnel. According to scientists, at this point all quantum information with microtron in the brain was transmitted into the Universe, and after the doctors helped the man back to life, the information returned in microtube. It turns out that after clinical death, people literally resurrects, because his mind has been in space, therefore, he almost died.

Theory Hameroff and Penrose is not universally accepted in the scientific world, however, to refute it yet failed anyone.

The religious theory of afterlife

If the soul is eternal, then the question arises: what kind of life after death?

Religion provides the answer: it all depends on what was human life to death. There are two vectors of the afterlife:

  • After death one goes to hell. Hell is a place where the souls of sinners eastsaudi servants of Satan or even Satan himself. The degree of torment that a person can experience in hell, depend on his sins by the life and atonement of sins. According to creationists, if the death of a person sincerely repented for sins committed, the hell he will be able to avoid.
  • After death one goes to heaven. Heaven is a blissful place on earth. Better in heaven, does not happen. There is no sin, there is only harmony and happiness. Getting the human soul in heaven is the main purpose of the true believers. Their behavior they build so to death to get there.


Unfortunately or fortunately, some way to prove or disprove this theory impossible. While it is impossible. Therefore, science does not stop on achieved results and continues the search for the truth in this matter.

The theory of biocentrism

The development of this theory belongs to the American Professor Robert Lanz. He gave some evidence of the existence of eternal life. In his opinion, such a thing as «death» does not exist. It’s just a phenomenon that is reflected in our minds.

Lantz argues that the universe exists only through human consciousness. With regard to such concepts as «time» and «space», they are the tools of the human psyche. Based on this, lance and says that no there is no death, and human consciousness forever. The faces that define death is not, therefore, evidence that in practice it is possible to detect the death, either.

«Death, according to the scientist, is that firmly seated in our minds, because we are taught from childhood. But in fact it is an illusion that exists only in our mind».

The Experience Of Young

Robert Lanz has long studied the clinical death, to prove that it cannot be considered a figment of the imagination. And he did it. Lantz tried in the course of his experience to follow the movement of the particles at the moment of clinical death. The results of the experiment shook the scientist. It turns out that under certain circumstances, a person may change due to changes in neural connections. For example, many people survived clinical death, began to see color.

Robert Lantz

Below are given the facts, the scientist who was used as the main arguments of his theory of eternal life.

Evidence proving life after death:

  • Ghosts. Experts in the paranormal lead a huge number of cases where people claim to have seen their dead friends or relatives. If this is true, it turns out that after death the souls of the dead have acquired some form of existence that allowed them to return to earth. But skeptics argue that human contact with ghosts is a lie. A person may think that he sees a Ghost, but actually, it’s a figment of his imagination.
  • Experiences at the time of loss of life. Many people find themselves on the brink of life and death, say they saw strange things. For example, if they come through the tunnel at the end of which is visible light. Some scholars argue that this is due to the chemical reactions in the human body.
  • Reincarnation. There are many people who claim that they remember their alleged past lives, and even remember the circumstances under which they died. It is difficult to prove.
  • The phenomenon of the unknown sound. Sometimes you can witness this phenomenon without identifying a source for audio recordings of voice is heard, like that of a human. According to skeptics, this is a normal noise, but, however, on some records, was recorded in clear human words, not like the noise.
  • The weight of the soul. Duncan McDougall in 1907 proved that the human soul has weight, he even installed a 21 grams. He conducted a study where he weighed dying and dead people.

Nobody knows life after death, probably everyone will give the answer to this question. We can only hope that sooner or later the truth will be revealed to people, though perhaps we shouldn’t know about it.

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