Is there anything interesting to see in Kazan

Kazan is one of the most interesting cities of Russia. Here are simply mixed culture of East and West, two world religions, many cultural and myelinate samples. Tourists may be interested in the question: «what to see in Kazan?», after all, this is no ordinary city.

where to go in Kazan

It preserved the ancient buildings and, at the same time, developed the latest infrastructure. On one side of the street in Kazan can stand the mosque and on the other Orthodox Church. Side by side people go in different clothes, being the representatives of different cultures.

Of particular interest to tourists is the underground city, after visiting there I declare in three different languages, including English.

Let’s talk about the main attractions of this town and find out what interesting things to see in Kazan.

Kazan boasts such places as:

  • The Millennium Park.
  • Museum-reserve «the Kazan Kremlin».
  • The architectural construction of the Kul-Sharif.
  • The Kaban Lake.
  • The temple of all religions.
  • The architectural structure of the Tower Syuyumbike.
  • The mosque of al-Marjani.
  • Zakabannaya mosque.
  • Central Park of culture and rest.
  • The Park Uritsky.
  • The Museum complex «Kazan», etc.

The Kazan Kremlin

This is the ancient architectural complex of the city and one of the oldest in the country. There you can see a lot of monuments of history and architecture, which reveal the history of the Kremlin.

On the territory of the Kazan Kremlin is a huge polygonal hill, which stretched from the Volga river to the Square on 1 may.

the Kazan Kremlin

In 2000, UNESCO has ranked this property as «world heritage» what makes the Kazan Kremlin, the pride of the city.

Unfortunately, written records of the construction of the object was not found, but there is an assumption that the construction was in the 10th century. It tells about the long history of monuments.

Historians believe that originally the building was intended for military purposes. Of the Kazan Kremlin were fighting. In the second half of the 16th century the fortress was almost completely destroyed, but thanks to Ivan the terrible object was reconstructed.

On the territory of the Kazan Kremlin has 13 towers. Each tower has its own history of construction and their distinctive features:

  • Spasskaya tower. The peculiarity of this tower is that it has proximity to the Church. With its facade facing the main street of Kazan Kremlin. It is very beautiful to look at, the white tower and huge clock in the center.
  • South-West tower. This is a classic fortification. It is also called «the round tower» in a slightly rounded shape.
  • Nameless tower. This tower is located on the corner of a brick wall and has a circular shape.
  • Tainitskaya tower. This structure is known that during the fighting, soldiers of the Kremlin could go there to drink water and recharge.

On the territory of the Kazan Kremlin is located such reserves as:

  • Museum of the history of Tatarstan.
  • Museum of the history of the Annunciation Cathedral.
  • The Hermitage-Kazan.
  • Museum Gun yard.
  • The Museum of Islamic culture, etc.

National cultural center «Kazan»

This municipal institution was opened in 1992. Today in the municipal center held a solemn state events, political rallies, tourists visit the museums of the centre, participate in leisure programs.

national Park


On the territory of the centre there are the following museums and halls as:

  • Museum of Kazan Millennium.
  • Exhibition complex.
  • Concert hall.
  • Kazan city Philharmonic.
  • Studio-gallery.
  • Reception hall, etc.

Kazan city Philharmonic leads the touring activities in many countries, such as Italy, Australia, Sweden, China, France, Greece, Thailand, etc

The temple of all religions

This temple is also called a Center of spiritual unity or the Ecumenical temple. The construction of the building began in 1994, thanks to the social activities of the artist, architect and sculptor Eldar khans. The Creator of the temple originally conceived it as a structure where simply are interrelated religions of the world.

The temple of all religions is an incredible architectural structure that simply combines in its structure an Islamic mosque, an Orthodox Church, a Jewish synagogue, and the pagoda. In addition, the construction project of the buildings envisages the presence of elements of the 16 religions, some of which belong to long-vanished civilizations.

the temple of all religions

The property is not used for religious ceremony, because the temple is not built in order to «please» each religion. Eldar Khans were talking about monotheism, as harmony for humanity.

The temple of all religions is a symbol of monotheism. A symbol of unity and merging of world religions and religious movements.

Unfortunately, tourists of Kazan can get acquainted with the temple only from the outside, inside people are not allowed.

Park imeni Uritskogo

This is one of the most famous parks of Kazan, which is very fond of walking tourists. Park of Uritsky is the place where most of the city comes to celebrate the holidays. Despite the huge daily number of parishioners, among which there are both tourists and the indigenous inhabitants of Kazan, the Park is very well maintained.

In Kazan almost no wedding is complete without a photo shoot in this Park as a forested area there are very beautiful. At the entrance to the Park is a monument-a memorial in honor of fallen soldiers of the great Patriotic war, where people are presented with flowers.

Park imeni Uritskogo

In the center of the Park is a lake where ducks and swans. Couples love to sit on a bench by the lake and feed the birds. On public holidays in this lake, at the initiative of the authorities, trigger carp. Fishing on lake allowed. And in that place are a lot of squirrels who are not afraid of people and happy to take from their hands a treat. The last reconstruction of the Park of Uritsky was conducted in 2016.


Kul-Sharif is the main mosque of Tatarstan in Kazan and one of the main buildings devoted to the Muslim culture. The construction of the mosque began in 1996. The creators planned to construct in Kazan the building, like the main mosque of the Kazan khanate. In the second half of the 16th century, Ivan the terrible partially destroyed the mosque. His name she got from one of the commanders at the defense of Kazan during the assault by the troops of Ivan the terrible.

Is Kul-Sharif on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin, specifically in its Western part. The mosque has a symmetrical shape and a large enough domestic capacity to go inside, about a thousand people. And on the square near Kul Sharif can fit more than ten thousand people.


The building of the mosque has four minarets which are located on the four sides from the center. Each minaret has a length of 55 meters. In the center of the mosque is dome shaped «cap».

Feature of the mosque Kul-Sharif is that it contains records of all people who have contributed to the construction of the house. Also, inside you can find various editions of the Qur’an in many languages of the world.

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