Is it possible to swim during menstruation

Many women are interested in the question: is it possible to swim during menstruation? It is especially relevant for those ladies who are on vacation at sea or to swim in the pool. Answer the question: during your period you can swim, absolutely without fear for their health. But for sailing in those days, there are a few guidelines that must be followed necessarily. We’ll talk more about them.

is it possible to swim during menstruation

If you want to swim during menstruation

When your period caught you by surprise, and you were just about to dive into the water and swim, don’t despair. Here are some basic tips, following which period will not be your limitation:

  • Use a swab. Before heading out into the water, insert in the vagina a tampon. If desired, you can replace it with menstrual Kapu. Tampon just ideal for swimming. Many women during menstruation I don’t even want to go to swim in the sea or pool, but in vain. But in the use of the tampon, there are a few important rules, to neglect which it is not necessary: first, do not cut the thread from the pad, otherwise you simply do not get. Secondly, to change the product at least once in 8 hours. Ideally, of course, doing this is recommended every 3-4 hours, as during menstrual bleeding of the endometrium generates a lot of junk that is lingering in the vagina, can cause the body harm.
  • Use menstrual Kapu. This tool can replace the tampon, even though it is not so popular. Capa «works» is similar to the tampon, soaking up the blood. But in the menstrual Capa has one advantage compared to a tampon: you can wear it to 13 hours. She, like a tampon, completely invisible and you can not worry that menstrual blood will flow or the water will ruin the tool.
  • Do not use shims. Wet, gasket perishable, and their use makes no sense. Some believe that if you just glue the gasket to the swimsuit, that’ll help. Actually no. Except that after the first contact with water, the gasket will deteriorate and fall apart, it will be very noticeable.

how to bathe during menstruation

Thus, the use of a tampon and menstrual mouth guard should fully reassure all girls wishing to swim at the monthly.

Tips for girls

  • Stock

Remember that every product that we use during menstruation should be changed to something else. This is especially important when we go to the beach. If you use tampons, don’t forget to grab a few others to after 4 hours, replace the pad on the other. Even if you are out on the beach a lot of time and I hope to change your tampon at home, to make their stock still stands. You never know what will happen on the beach? Suddenly there you meet your old friends and want to stay longer, and the stock of tampons that you will not limit the desire to have fun.

Also, consider the intensity of your menstrual flow. If a lot of them and excretion occur abundantly, to change the tool must often, namely every 2-3 hours if you discharge a bit, then it will be enough to change the medium every 8 hours.

  • Don’t believe in stupidity

We all heard about what to swim during menstruation, as it is unhealthy. And some say even that the smell of menstrual blood can attract sharks and other predatory fish. Believing these myths would be stupid, because with the reality they have nothing in common. The use of a tampon or Kappa fully absorb all emitted during menstruation the blood, does not harm and does not react with water.

  • Wear shorts

This rule is not mandatory. It will help those who are very worried about the fact that someone on the beach will notice the thread from the swab. Also, among women there is a special panicari, which, although understand that because of a tampon, the blood won’t leak, but still a possibility. To them shorts, wearing swimming trunks, will serve as a kind of consolation. If you already have a very strong fear of leakage, wear longer shorts, and let them be of dark color. On dark fabrics the blood is not so easy to discern.

monthly at sea what to do

  • Wear the right swimsuit

Another rule especially for the ladies panicked. The first rule of «proper» bathing suit, that is, one in which to swim during your period, it’s a dark color. Of course, wearing a white swimsuit in those days, a woman can enter into the stress, therefore, choose colors bathing suits are darker. Also, melting into a bathing suit should be with a wide hem.

  • Bring a friend

Friend will also serve as a comfort to you. If you really want to swim, but worried about leaks, not worth it every 2 minutes looking back to make sure that everything is in order. This will attract the attention of the entire beach. Let the girlfriend will be with you. It is clear that she will not follow you everywhere, to ensure that the Holocaust did not happen. But her presence surely will refresh you. Plus, if you really have a problem and blood flow, she will notice this and you will be able to change the tampon, thereby eliminating the problem.

  • Be sure that everything is in order

Before going for a swim, look in the dressing-room, to make sure that the tampon absorbs the blood and does not leak. If everything is in order, you have nothing to worry about. You can safely go to swim.

  • A costume

Keep the replacement of the main bathing suit in case if the old leak blood.

monthly and bathing

  • Watch your health

Most women during menstruation suffer from bloating and spasms. Fortunately, there are many medicines from it. If you regularly feel pain, especially in the first days of menstruation, before going to the beach, be sure to take a pill which will relieve you from discomfort. In addition, these days do not abuse fried foods, and fast food. Junk food can negatively affect your health.

At liquidation of the pain syndrome, bloating and cramping, the last thing left to do before swimming is to take a good mood.

monthly at sea

Remember that in those days, you should interact with your body. If once you got into the water, your health deteriorated, come out of the water and go to it later. This means that your body gives you a hint that now is not the time for swimming.

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