Is it possible to have sex during menstruation?

A woman’s body is a delicate mechanism, which has a precise coordinated work of all systems. Nature has prepared the bodies of the fairer sex for an important event – the birth of a child. The female cycle has several phases, one of them is menstruation. Is it possible to have sex during menstruation? This question asked myself every woman at least once in your life.

Sex during menstruation

Disadvantages of sex during menstruation

Making love during the critical days some viewed as something unnatural. Others, on the contrary, attracts the forbidden fruit. Women should remember that sex during menstruation is fraught with hidden threats:

  1. Bacteria. The blood is great breeding ground for bacteria. Harmful microorganisms will stay in the vagina during menstruation for long, as they are comfortable there
  2. Open neck. During menstruation the cervix opens. There can get infected, causing various diseases of the uterus
  3. Inflammation of the genital organs of the partner. The bacteria found in the blood of women easily fall into the urethra of a lover, causing inflammation
  4. Questions of hygiene. Blood spots on sheets – an unpleasant sight that can scare any man. Stock up on paper napkins and towels

If you want to have sex during menstruation with a casual partner, think carefully if the risk is warranted.


The advantages of making love during menstruation

Few people know that sometimes sex during menstruation has a beneficial effect on the body:

  1. Withdrawal irritability. It is known that women during menstruation are obnoxious. Orgasm can cause in them a pleasant relaxation, elevate mood, and remove depression
  2. Elimination of spasms. If a woman is experiencing menstrual cramps, then sex will help to get rid of them. With the onset of orgasm, the cervix begins to contract, pushing the blood and reducing swelling. Pain syndrome is thus reduced
  3. Pleasant sensations. During menstruation sexual organs increase, swell due to the blood flow. A woman’s womb becomes more narrow and sensitive. Therefore, some women love to practice sex in such days

Sex during menstruation

That tells the story

Our ancestors believed that making love during menstruation, as the woman these days is unclean both physically and spiritually. Many believed that this period of the cycle in the fairer sex open mystical abilities.

Many ladies and actually saying that in these special days, they have a heightened sense of smell and touch, but also includes intuition. Therefore, we can say that our ancestors were far from the truth. And the irritability and anger is a constant companion of menstruation, is the best complement the image of a witch or sorceress.


Many religions speak negatively about sex during menstruation. Sex during this period is rarely children, so it is considered empty and sinful.

Is it possible to get pregnant

It is believed that during menstruation you can’t get pregnant. Considered safe two days before and after the critical days. But doctors say a pregnancy risk is still there.

Sperm can be active up to seven days. Once in the bosom of a woman, they can safely wait for a favorable moment for conception is ovulation. The cycle can be off, while the egg Matures in the first part of the cycle, so conception may not occur on schedule.


Having sex during your period, remember that the critical days are not insurance against pregnancy. Be sure to use protection. Explain all the nuances of the partner.

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