Is it possible to get pregnant right after your period?

Question is it possible to get pregnant immediately after your period are defined as those who are diligently trying to have a baby, and those who are not yet ready. The fact that the period of menstruation can be called «calendar contraception» pregnant just at this point impossible.

is it possible to get pregnant right after your period

Many couples believe that sex during menstruation is a normal phenomenon for men is a kind of opportunity to spend unprotected intercourse, and women don’t have to interrupt their sexual life.

Period features

The entire menstrual cycle can be divided into three phases. Each of them in turn after another. They all lead to certain changes in the ovaries and in the uterus.

The first phase is the follicular. It got its name because it grows the follicle, which subsequently forms the egg.

The second phase is ovulatory. It lasts only a day or two, but most couples who wish to have a baby, try to use this time as productively as possible. It is in the ovulatory phase highest probability of conception. For this reason it is called «fertile window».

If the result of the second phase the egg has been fertilized, the female body begins the process of development of the embryo. If not, then all changes begin with menstruation.


The danger intercourse during menstruation

If people wondered whether it is possible to get pregnant right after your period, then it is possible that a couple practicing sex during this period. Many doctors will tell about the high probability of development of various types of infection, and aesthetic component of such a process is highly questionable.

It is believed that sex during menstruation can lead to reflux, i.e., menstrual blood will flow back into the body. It’s pretty doubtful, but the facts are that during this period, the female body requires enhanced health, and the possibility of disease is high enough, true enough.

Is it possible to get pregnant right after your period?

The answer to this question is ambivalent. From a technical point of view – no, immediately after your period you can’t get pregnant because the new egg has not yet formed. However, this does not mean that at this time you can uncontrollably engage in unprotected sex. The fact that sperm are hardy enough. They can stay in a woman’s body long enough to live up to the moment when the egg is again ready for fertilization.


High probability of pregnancy

There are a number of factors which chances of getting pregnant right after your periods are very high.

  • If the menstrual cycle lasts less than twenty-one days, then ovulation can occur almost immediately after the end of bleeding, as it means that can occur and conception.
  • If bleeding continues for too long, i.e. more than a week before the end of the period already can appear new egg.
  • If the cycle is irregular, and ovulation can occur virtually anywhere and in such a situation to calculate the date on which it is impossible to conceive, is impossible.
  • Some pathology of the uterus can lead to bleeding. If a woman takes them for a month and will not go to the doctor, it will lead to incorrect determination of day of ovulation.

It is obvious that it is not necessary to use a phase cycle as a means of contraception. The probability of error is too high.


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