Is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation

Each organism has its own characteristics. To find out whether there can be a conception in the period of menstruation, you need to calculate the length of the cycle to determine ovulation date.

Whether or not to have sex during menstruation?


This question should ask themselves every woman. First, it is not very nice. Second, if there is fear of getting pregnant, so protection will not be used. Most girls take this step because they think that getting pregnant during menstruation can not.

Gynecologists believe that sex during menstruation can cause the spread of infections. The reason for this is ajar the cervix. Harmful bacteria enters the body, along with the male seed, if you don’t use a condom, and the man is a carrier of a sexually transmitted infection. Therefore, doctors are advised to think twice before you let an unreliable partner to his bed during menstruation.

What is ovulation


The menstrual cycle has several phases (parts). In the first part of the cycle in the beautiful half of humanity is very active the hormone called estrogen. Quickly maturing follicles, stands dominant and the strain for release of the egg in the fallopian tube.

We all know that conception occurs when the egg meets the sperm. The male semen can stay in female body for up to 7 days while maintaining their properties.

The second stage is ovulation. It lasts 24 hours. It was during this time the sperm must find its egg and merge with it. Ovulation is in the middle of the cycle. For example, if the cycle lasts 27-28 days, a favorable environment for conception will come on day 14. The error is two days. Ovulation lasts 24 to 48 hours.

Period is the first day of the cycle. So many so sure that the risk of conception is minimal. After all, the ovulation will have to wait another two weeks. Such arguments are not groundless, but absolute certainty cannot be considered.

Sometimes women claim that got pregnant on the first day of menstruation. But doctors say that, most likely, fertilization happened before. The blood that began to stand out from the vagina – this is not menstruation, and a short bleeding starts sometimes in pregnant women in the dates that should be on my period. This usually occurs in the first weeks of pregnancy.

When ovulation ends, aktiviziruyutsya the hormone progesterone. He is responsible for the preparation of the body for implantation of the ovum. If fertilization was not, all training stops and starts rejection. It is this process we call menstruation.

The duration of the cycle and pregnancy


If the cycle is a woman with short – 24 days, the time of conception can occur in the last days of menstruation, that is, for 4-7 days. Even if ovulation came on the 11th day, the probability of fertilization is. Making love during menstruation, a man runs the risk of «hooked» in the bosom of the girl’s agile and long-lived sperm. He quietly retains its functions, being inside the woman and waiting for the time, favourable to the creation of offspring. So, if the sperm got into the vagina during menstruation, but the cycle of the girl with short, there will come a ovulation 10-12 days, and fertilization will occur.

The calendar method is very unreliable, there are a lot of errors. Gynecologists recommend not to use this method of protection from unplanned pregnancy.

If you fear pregnancy, use reliable methods of contraception: pills, condoms, IUD. Calendar method this list is not included. Women who want making love during menstruation it is advisable to ask partner to use a condom.

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