In which hand wear wedding ring?

A wedding is a process that involves a huge amount of symbolism. It all has its importance – the white dress, the bride’s bouquet, a pair of lovebirds, young dance and, of course, rings. A lot of people wonder in which hand wear wedding ring?

in which hand wear wedding rings

It would seem, why you may receive this question, because the answer is known to all? However, the tradition of wearing wedding rings differs in some countries, and do not want to learn why you should wear exactly as received.

When there was a wedding ring?

It is difficult to find reliable information about when two people began to designate their Union by wearing jewelry. There are two main versions. The first is that the source of the tradition is Ancient Egypt, and according to the second Greece.

Of course, initially the ring was not gold. People wove them from reeds and hemp, and gave his elect to the wedding as a symbol of love. Today the shape of these decorations have survived – it’s a circle that has no beginning and no end, and everlasting love of the newlyweds. But now it is created from precious metals, which is also considered as a symbol – a symbol of innocence and purity.

In ancient times wedding rings were carried out as simply as possible, but today couples seek to make their as possible to the original. We use a variety of engraving and inclusions of the stones. Some do not stop the rings from the non metals people use ceramic and even plastic.

wedding in ancient Egypt

In which hand wear wedding ring?

If a person will ask on which hand is wearing a wedding ring, he will probably answer that on the right. It is important to know not only that, but the finger on which you wear the ornament.

For wearing rings has long been the chosen ring finger, and that was the reason. The ancient Greeks, the result is a kind of autopsy (autopsy) saw that it was from this finger moves right in the heart of thin nerve. They felt that it is quite symbolic.

The tradition of wearing rings are different from the Jews and in a number of countries. So, according to Jewish tradition, a symbol of marriage worn on the index finger.

In many countries prefer to wear rings on his left hand. These include Australia, Brazil, Canada, USA, Japan, France, Sweden, Italy and some other countries.

Yak hand

Why the right hand?

In Russia and some other countries it is customary to wear a wedding ring that is on the right hand, and the reason for this lies in the canons of the Orthodox Church. According to them, the right hand is used to true things, like eating and handshakes, and left, on the contrary, for something negative. There is even an expression that shows that the left – from the evil one.

It is also believed that behind the right shoulder found a place the guardian angel, who must now worry not only about a particular person, but his Union with another person.

In addition, the right hand more often used, so it is often seen by others. Thus, they are easier to notice what people have already found their soul mate.

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