In the winter, when to plant garlic?

To achieve a rich harvest, you need to know when to plant winter garlic. If done correctly and timely, then the next year the work was performed will produce the desired result.

when to plant garlic for the winter

Order in the spring, all planted garlic, put the sheets, during the cold weather it is necessary to create all conditions.

Planting garlic

Planting in winter you need to do in the fall. Best time – end of September and the first week of October. It will be just about forty-five days before the frost. At a later time, it is desirable to establish, as the vegetable there is not enough time to settle in. The normal length of the root system about twelve inches. For the manifestation of green sprouted, experience is not necessary – it will not appear.

planting garlic

Some people adhere to the predictions of the lunar calendar and try to put the garlic in such a favorable week of September:

  • 12-e;
  • 19th;
  • 20th;
  • 21st;
  • 24.

In October, the best period for planting are those numbers:

  • 17th;
  • 18-e;
  • 26-e;
  • 27.

For Housewives who haven’t by this time to plant garlic, no need to get upset. Everything can be fixed in November, making this on the following dates:

  • 1st:
  • 3rd;
  • 5-e;
  • 13th:
  • 18-e;
  • 25.

In that case, if the plan is to plant the garlic cloves, and bulbectomy, they can be planted in the spring and harvest will not become worse.

The best place where to plant garlic

In any case it is not necessary to plant the garlic in advance, as it will sprout. Later also not desirable – to have a good start. It does not need to ignore the advice and recommendations of experienced people.

where to plant garlic

Before you start planting, you need to decide the plot. It is worth noting that this place has to break from the previous plants, at least two months.

It is advisable to take into account what the culture was growing at the desired location. After all, there are those that promote the growth of crops and garlic, and some Vice versa – kill him.

It is recommended to plant garlic after the annual species of vegetables and plants. These include:

  • Cucumbers.
  • Bulgarian pepper.
  • Eggplant.
  • Pumpkin.
  • Zucchini.
  • After grain crops.
  • Berry bushes.

Not recommended to plant this vegetable after root crops, as the soil is not enough time to recover.

winter garlic

It is strictly forbidden to plant on the same plot on which to grow garlic or onions. At this place it is valid only after at least three years.

The choice of material for planting

Winter garlic is different from spring in that its reproduction occurs in two ways:

  • Teeth.
  • Bulbectomy.

In the case of bulbectomy, complete garlic you can get through two years, and clove beautiful large fruit.

Before planting, special attention should be paid to seed material:

  • Slices carefully to sort out.
  • Defective aside.
  • Small in size, with a sick view is to use.
  • Must give up those cloves, which damaged shell.

preparing for landing

For a rich harvest, the selected material should undergo a small treatment. This can be done by several methods:

  • It is necessary to take two liters of water, add four hundred grams of ash. Boil for thirty minutes, then cool. Must be disinfected for two hours.
  • You can also perform the processing for two minutes with a solution, which will require five liters of water and three tablespoons of salt. Then again disinfected for one minute in a composition that is made of ten gallons of water and a tea spoon of copper sulfate.

Garlic belongs to those plants that love the sun. The soil should be sour, and fertilized with manure before planting is preceded by vegetables.

Preparation of the landing

To fertilize the soil in any case you cannot use the manure fresh, as this leads to the fact that the garlic starts to not only hurt, but is being destroyed by various pests. In that case, if the soil requires fertilizer then it should be done no later than a couple of weeks before planting planting material.

Dobrevo for chasnikom

To properly prepare the site for planting with fertilizer is needed for every square meter to use:

  • About six pounds of humus.
  • Thirty grams of superphosphate.
  • Twenty grams of the potassium salt.

Then you need to dig. Then watered with a solution of ten liters of water and a teaspoon of copper sulphate. The last important point is to cover the soil with a wrap and let stand until planting garlic.

The process of planting and caring for garden

How is the process of planting garlic for the winter, depends on the harvest. The prepared area is divided into furrow, the depth of which is about twenty centimeters. The distance between them not more than twenty-five centimeters.

The bottom of the resulting groove should be filled up with a layer of coarse sand. It should be about three inches. Such action is necessary to ensure that garlic cloves is not in contact with the soil and was not subject to decay.

looks like winter garlic

Large planting materials at planting should be from each other at a distance of fifteen centimeters. For those that are smaller enough and ten centimeters. After the garlic cloves have laid the soil on top of them still need to cover a dry layer of peat or sawdust mixed with soil.

In snowless winters on the bed should be placed polyethylene or roofing felt, as if hiding. But if during this time rich in snow, such measures are not needed. If planted in the ground, the tubers, the depth of planting should not exceed three inches. But a couple of inches of distance between them would be sufficient. Brostoski should be done every ten centimeters.

In the case when the nodules get in the spring, in autumn you can collect odnoshovnye fruit, and they in turn put for the winter so next year to collect the full garlic harvest.

Care for garlic in the winter, special efforts does not deliver. As this vegetable is known for its resistance to cold, and normally germinated when the root system, winter will pass without complications. For sure, you can mulch the area.

With the onset of spring, with the beds need to remove a two-centimeter layer of insulation. This is to ensure that the stairs are easier to grow. When the garlic begins to knock an arrow, and it happens somewhere in the last days of June, they need to break down. Rising arrows it is possible to prevent more than ten centimeters. Otherwise, the garlic, the fruit will be too small.

The appearance of the first green, the soil should be fertilized such natural fertilizers:

  • Urea.
  • Cow dung.
  • The solution from the droppings of birds.

planting winter garlic

At a time when the garlic grows, the plant requires abundant watering. When starts the process of maturation, watering should be moderate, since too much moisture fruit can — or get sick, or will get fired. When the ground is wet, the ground it is desirable to loosen and remove weeds.

For convenience, after climbing shoots, you need to mulch planted with garlic plot. After that, the weeds and loosening the soil will require less attention.

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