In photoshop make photo to photo

If you want to make a collage of photos or to impose one image to another, you need a Adobe Photoshop. It is not necessary to know all the functions of this program. Even a novice user will be able to edit pictures if he knows how to photoshop to make a photo in the photo.

different photos

Preparation of photos

To start working with the images, run Photoshop and select two images. Open photos in the editor, one is the main one. In it we are going to paste the second picture. For convenience, we denote these images as «figure 1» and «image 2». Often users want to insert a logo photos or add your unique signature stored in the form of a drawing.

For example we took an image of a cat and a picture of an exclamation mark. This simple exercise for those who want to learn photo editor.

photoshop editing photos

Adjust the second picture you plan to insert. Trim the excess region, play with color, adjust the contrast. In the first stage, to do this simply. When you combine images, to amend the first picture will be much more difficult. So don’t hurry. Carefully study the picture and think that it should be changed.

In our case, we select the circle with an exclamation point, that in this way it add to the photograph with the cat.


Transfer photos

After you finished editing the image, save it. Now you can start transferring it to another image. So, now you will learn how photoshop to make a photo on a photo:

  • Select the entire photo, use the string in the top menu («Selection – select all») and copy them to the clipboard. To do this, hold both the CTRL and
  • Make the active window with the first image. Insert the image using CTRL and V. Can also use the menu bar and select «edit» and «Insert». Then the second picture should appear first, and in the tab «Layers» will add another layer Transfer images in Photoshop
  • The first layer is a little secret. It’s a small lock that should open by clicking on it. Thus we open a photo for future changes
  • The second shot can fill the window, closing the first photo. Move it with the mouse to where it should. Use the Move tool or holding it on the keypad, press V

In our simple example, we moved the exclamation point on the photo with the cat. You can then add the text using the relevant sections of the toolbar. Do not forget to save the document.

the laptop I CAVI

Save a photo

If the result is okay, then save the image using «File» and then click «Save». You can choose the format that suits you.

If you are planning to make changes to the file, then save it in the format of Psd. In this case, you can always open the original image and edit them the way you want. To publish the images on social networks or send by e-mail, choose format .jpeg. Combine photos in the editor, Photoshop is quite simple. Many people pass by this editor side, as it has a lot of features that scare inexperienced users with its complexity.

photoshop portrait

You want to learn how to adjust pictures in Photoshop? Then start with the basics. If you followed our instructions, you managed to combine two photographs, you are on the right track. Now you are ready to develop new features the famous photo editor.

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