In Minecraft how to make a fence?

Minecraft is an indie game that gained huge popularity thanks to the many possibilities offered to the players. When a large amount of time and patience in this universe really create almost anything, but should start with simple objects. For example, it would be nice to understand how in Minecraft to make a fence.

in minecraft how to make a fence

Such a construction is not just a decorative fence, which is used in the processing of the selected areas. Although by themselves some of the fences look as if their height is equal to one unit, for players and mobs it will be half of the block. As a result of this design may well become protective structure.

Why you need a fence?

Playing in Creative mode, people can build a fence as a decorative element. They well separate different areas and they are used in the reproduction of real objects, if they were fenced.

In other modes, this design has a very practical use. Despite the fact that to make a fence is not difficult, it will be possible to fence yourself or some territory from the surrounding. Most mobs and players who do not have the effect of Jumping, you will not be able to overcome such a barrier.

The man who built the fence, will be able to see everything that was happening, and thus be able to control the situation. Unfortunately, the mobs will also be visible to the player, and therefore must be right in front of the fence in large numbers. However, this situation experienced user will be able to turn in their favor.

The only significant shortcoming of the fences is the fact that, while through it and you can’t jump over it can climb. In such action is quite capable of spiders, so this fence will not become for them a serious obstacle. If the fence is used for defensive purposes, should come up with a plan of action when attacking spiders.

In addition to its obvious functions, such walls are used for tying animals to them. You can often see horses tethered, but the same is true with pigs. Finally, the blocks of the fence are used as the analogue of the stairs, however, such structures highly questionable.


What would be the fences?

Like everything in the world of Minecraft, fencing can vary depending on what material they are made. In addition, a variety of railings can be decorated. For example, on top of them easily fit torches or even additional created, again, with fences.

On the fence you can put signs. As a rule, they are used in order to make some signatures, mark the inputs and outputs, but they have another interesting property. These blocks do not pass the water, hence, they can be used to make fences are virtually waterproof.

The most common type of fences made of wood, but even here we can distinguish a number of varieties. For example, fences are created of oak, pine, birch, or even of wood from the jungle. There are options from acacia and dark oak

In addition, you can create the types of other materials:

  • Infernal bricks
  • Stone
  • Mossy stone,
  • Iron.

Usually the decision depends on what raw material is obtained, and it must be not so little.

infernal brick

In Minecraft how to make a fence?

If you want to get a wood fence, then it does not have to build yourself. Such objects are often located in villages – the supporting pillars, drains, lights or just in the backyard. However, the crafting process should not cause any fundamental difficulties.

In Minecraft how to make a fence out of oak:

  • In any version of the game can take six sticks.
  • They fill the Central and lower row. This will provide two units of the fence.
  • If the version is above 1.8, it is possible in the center cell of the middle and bottom row to place the sticks, and in the next Board. This allows you to get three units of fence.



Absolutely the same recipe made from almost all other types of wood – birch, pine, acacia, jungle, etc. In every case, the same amount of materials, and the output will be three units of the fence.

To create a fence of infernal bricks, you will need six of these blocks. They are located in the Central and bottom row thus crafted six pieces of fence. Brand is also a stone version, only used six stones. The principle remains and mossy.

Finally, using the iron, you can get sixteen blocks, but it will look like to play, not a full fence. To create need six iron ingots, which, again, is placed on the second and third rows.

wooden fence

Interesting facts about fences

There are alternate methods of jumping over such fences. For example, a player can throw an explosion, or a monster hit so that the character refers to the side. In addition, if you put the fence on top of the carpet, the player can easily jump back and forth, while monsters are unable to do so.

To hack such a design is not easy. If you click on it the right button, it will start playing the animation of the process of extraction of blocks, but in reality nothing will happen. In order to remove the fence, you will have to use other methods.

Overall, this is a convenient and simple design that is easy to do, and it brings a lot of benefits. In addition, some options have good aesthetic qualities.

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