«IMHO» — what does that mean?

On the Internet you can often find the abbreviation IMHO. What does it mean? This I know almost all people who spend a lot of time on social networks, on forums, have a blog. So what is IMHO? This abbreviation is IMHO, which are written in Cyrillic. Has several possible transcripts. But most often it is described as «In my humble opinion». This phrase translates as: «my humble opinion». In this sense it is often used.


Moreover, to type on the keyboard IMHO is much easier than the phrase «I think», «I believe» «I think» and so on. From this, and there was such a high popularity of this word. However, some netizens came up with another interpretation of this acronym: «I Have an opinion – hell challenge». Of course, to use it in this case is incorrect.

The reasons for the use of the word

Usually the acronym IMHO is used in various forums, in social networks, under review or in personal correspondence. So Internet users have enough experience with PC, so they used to use in your virtual communication «IMHO».

And if the person at the end of his remarks writes «IMHO», it makes clear to others that just expressed my personal opinion. That is, this statement is not common knowledge or dogma. This abbreviation partially protects user from attacks from the other participants in the debate who do not agree with their opinion.

What is IMHO?

In General, the abbreviation used to mean: «In my opinion» «I think», «I think so», «It is my humble opinion». Although there are other transcripts in the letter

  • «I Express my opinion, want to challenge»;
  • «I have a belief, though mistaken»;
  • «Individual opinion of the master answer.»

In English the phrase also stands for different. For example, «In my humble opinion» is translated as «my humble opinion». And «In my honest opinion is my honest opinion.»

There is another meaning of «IMHO», which is used much less frequently. It refers to the computer acronym. That is, that «IMHO» is a synonym for «abbreviation». For example, the abbreviation of ate can also be called IMHO ate.

«IMHO» from the point of view of grammar

The emphasis in the word is on «O», so the shock is the second syllable in the word. It refers to the average family. The word you are free to decline. So, often use the expression: «IMHA», «IMHU». There are also the plural of the word «IMHO», which means «our humble opinions».

There is even a new philosophical current «imhos». Each participant of this course has the right to a personal opinion. Moreover, some people even managed to create an adjective based on the word IMHO. They did – but, khouy (personal, private). The man who is his own mind, there is no way to convince, called «imhorny». Here are so many different ways to use this simple word. However, they cannot be called correct from a grammatical point of view.

IMHO - it?

Because the correct literary variant is the usual «IMHO». Although colloquially you can also find the word «IMHA» or «imhu». Generally, the word is too often replaced with «IMHO». For example: «In my humble IMHU».

So you cannot say that «IMHO» is used only in written speech. Because it is often used even during a call. But sometimes between people having a disagreement about this. Because not everyone knows what «IMHO», and when it is necessary to use correctly.

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