How useful watermelon?

Almost every summer people accompanied by a kind of tradition, bought a lot of watermelons, they are eaten almost every day. Some people like to cut thin slices, others prefer to eat with a spoon right from the core. Given its large consumption, is aware of the benefits of watermelon.

how useful watermelon

Many consider this plant a berry, but in fact it belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae, which is similar in structure with the berry. The word «watermelon» can be translated as «melon», and they are really similar in many ways.

How useful watermelon?

Good for the body this bocheva culture has due to its composition. For example, it is full of folic acid, which is incredibly important for any person. It affects the blood, and regulate the many chemical processes. Acid contributes to proper structure of DNA, involved in human development. I wonder what watermelon is more than just folic acid, in comparison with other different vegetables and fruit.

Answering the question of how useful a watermelon, we should not forget about the high iron content. This element has many beneficial effects, but most commonly it is remembered for the impact on anaemia. Thus, melons are especially important for lactating women, which often do not have enough iron.

It is believed that these fruits are good for people with diabetes and for people suffering from arthritis, atherosclerosis and gout. Watermelon is a diuretic, but also it removes toxins and cholesterol.

It includes beta-carotene, which can help a person easier to carry a variety of loads. This is especially important for those prone to stress or dieting.


Other properties of watermelon

It is believed that lycopene in the composition, reduces the risk of cancer of the stomach, breast, colon, prostate and lung. In General, watermelon has beneficial effects on cardiac and immune systems.

This herb is not only diuretic, but also cholagogue. Thus its consumption helps in cleansing the liver and gallbladder. This is especially important for those who suffer from pathologies of the liver or were poisoned as a result of industrial activities.

Watermelon is rich in many key vitamins, rich in fructose and pectin. It has phosphorus, potassium and calcium, magnesium and sodium as well as fiber and even protein. All of this allows the fruit to positively affect vision and the nervous system, to help satisfy hunger and improve muscle performance. In summer, it is also an excellent remedy for thirst.

Sorry watermelon

Knowing the benefits of watermelon do not try to eat it in huge quantities daily. It is necessary to consider the potential damage that it can cause.

Almost all the negative impact associated with the growing conditions of the modern watermelon. In an effort to obtain great results in the shortest possible time, manufacturers flavored plants a huge amount of nitrates which remain in the pulp of the watermelon, because it’s what everyone loves. For this reason, it is better to abandon the purchase melons, when they just appeared on the shelves. The correct solution would be to wait for the high season.

Should be used with caution watermelon for pregnant women, as they could worsen the already frequent urge to the toilet.

watermelon nitrates

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