How to zoom out the screen

Each user based on their preferences, and chooses what will be the interface on his computer. One of the main parameters is the size of graphical objects and the scale of the screen. So the question arises – how to zoom out the screen? There are several ways to do it. Look at each of them.

How to zoom out the screen by changing the parameters of the operating system

Each operating system has its own scaling algorithm screen.

Windows Vista or Windows 7

If your computer has Windows Vista or Windows 7, the scale changes as follows.

Right-click anywhere on the screen. In the context menu, select «screen Resolution». Next in the settings screen to open the list next to «Resolution». Move the slider with the left mouse button, choosing an appropriate value for us. The best option is the value near which is the inscription «recommended».

os Windows 7

Windows XP

For owners of Windows XP will be the next course of action. After clicking the right button anywhere on the screen, we have a window where you find the line «Properties». By clicking on the tab «Parameters» you must select a value that will be most convenient for us. To save changes, simply press the «Apply» button. Now within 15 seconds you will be able to test zoom. If the result satisfies you, click «Yes.» If this is not done, then after 15 seconds you will be offered a again to set the desired screen size.

How to zoom in the browser

Each browser offers its own options for changing the scale of the screen.

Mozilla Firefox

The owners of the browser to change the size of the screen, you should click button «View». In the opened window, select «Scale». If you need to reduce it, look for a button with the same name, clicking on which screen size will start to decrease. You will only have to choose the option that seems most comfortable.

Internet Explorer

In this browser zooms in the same way as in Mozilla Firefox.


For those who prefer to work with Opera you need to go to menu «Tools» and select «Settings». Before you open a new window, where we find «General settings». This item gives you the opportunity to make any changes in display settings. All you need is to choose one of the zoom options screen.

Google Chrome

Zooming in the browser must begin with clicking on the gear icon located at the top right. Clicking on it opens a menu where you need to select «Settings and management». Here you choose the appropriate scale.

In the most updated versions of browsers can zoom the screen by simultaneously pressing Ctrl and «-«.

How to zoom desktop


How to zoom desktop

There are 2 ways allow you to zoom your desktop:

  1. The use of an interface card if your PC has the driver for your video card. To do this, run the agent card, by pressing the right mouse button. In the opened window find the item «screen Resolution» and choose the value that will be convenient for us.
  2. Using the properties of the screen. To do this, click the right mouse button anywhere on the screen and in the resulting window, find the «Settings» tab. It remains to make the necessary changes allowing to zoom out the screen.
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