How to zoom in on the page

Sometimes, traveling through the Internet, we meet in small print. This is especially frustrating if you have to strain your eyes to read a long article. In such moments we wonder how to increase page zoom?

How to zoom in on the page

How to increase the page zoom universal methods

No matter which browser you use, there are universal methods of changing the page magnification. To do this:

  • Find on the keyboard and click while holding down the scroll wheel of the mouse.
  • Similarly, hold down Ctrl and press «+» or «-» on the keypad, depending on whether we need to increase or decrease the display scale of the page.

To return to normal size, just select «default» or use the shortcut keys Ctrl+0. Button «default» will appear in the moment when you turn the wheel or press «+» or «-» in combination with the Ctrl key. If you have a Mac, «Ctrl» button should be replaced on Command.

how to zoom in on the page

To change the scale on the touch screen, allows you to stretch your fingers the correct images. When working on a laptop that is connected to the mouse, you have two fingers touching the touchpad, throwing them in different directions. You should pay attention to the fact that even after closing the program and cleaning the history, all changes are automatically saved and the next time the scale will be the one that you specified earlier.

We increase the scale in different browsers

All the major browsers that we used to use, almost identical, so the zoom in them a little different. It should be noted only certain differences, which allow you to change the scale in a particular browser to view small text.

Google Chrome

Those who are accustomed to work with this browser, to zoom in the page need to open the main menu, which looks like 3 horizontal lines at the top right. In the center you have options, where you will find «Scale». Next will be icons «+» and «-«, clicking on which you can change the display size of the web page.

the page zoom

There is another option of zooming in. To do this:

  1. Open settings.
  2. At the bottom, find and click on «Show advanced options».
  3. There is a «page View», where you specify a convenient size or to customize the display of characters.

Yandex browser

This is similar to the Google Chrome browser since they are running on the same engine. Therefore, to increase the page zoom, you’ll need to follow the steps described above:

  1. To open the window.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Find more options and make the desired changes.

Opera Browser

In this browser increase the scale a little differently. To enlarge:

  • Select «Menu» in the corner to the left and open Internet options.
  • Click on the tab «Sites» and in the window «View» put the following values that seem optimal.

In Opera browser there is a option «Manage exceptions». It is needed in order to remove from the list of addresses of those sites where the scale is set by default. In this case, they will apply the settings that you specified.


Mozilla Firefox

Settings this browser different from the previous one. To zoom in, you will need:

  1. To open the menu bar. To do this, press Alt.
  2. By clicking on the button «View» and in the drop down menu to change the settings.

If you want the size of the printed characters has changed, open the tab «Content», where you have to choose and specify your desired size and font.

Internet Explorer

Users of Internet Explorer to zoom pages you need to click the gear icon at the top right. Opens the control menu, where is necessary settings, which you can change the scale of the page.

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