How to write a summary

Getting a new job, potential bosses will definitely require you to have a resume that will fully describe you as an expert and answer all his questions. To present yourself correctly and not to miss important nuances, it is imperative to learn how to create a resume, paying attention to all the details.

There is no standard system of creating a summary, because all will experience a personal approach. But there are some tips that will help make your CV more beautiful, correct and productive.

The rules for creating a summary

  • A clear formulation of the desired position

The most important component summary are the ability to shape the advantages of office. Your employer should clearly understand what goal you are pursuing. Don’t need to use the introductory words, for example, «any position», «specialist», because it all enters the head of the misconceptions and exposes you as a future employee, not with the best hand. All should be certainty.

how to make a CV

If you do not specify in the summary to the specific position you want to take, do not doubt that it will go to the trash and will not be considered.

Also it is not desirable in summary to specify multiple posts, such a display may cause the chief the impression that you are no matter whom you work, and you do not have a clear knowledge in one direction or another.

  • Be aware of how much you want to earn

In summary, there is a special field «income» in which you specify the desired level of wages. Adequately assess their capabilities and knowledge, do not underestimate the price for their work, show that you are really a man who knows the value of his work and time.

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  • The humor here is not the place

Making a resume, refrain from sarcasm, humor and irony, show your seriousness and commitment to work. A stranger may not understand and do not take your sense of humor, even if he, in your opinion, would be appropriate.

  • Brevity – sister of talent

Making a resume, no need to write a poem, adding their own articles or publications. If necessary, the chief will ask them to give personally, if your experience and personality would suit him. Summary should not exceed one page, this volume will be enough to tell about yourself and interest in your candidacy.

  • Unnecessary personal information to anything

No need in summary to specify the address of residence, passport series, registration, etc. It will be enough to leave your contact phone number where you can call in if you will generate the interest of the employer.

summary to work

  • Specify whether to include information about your social pages

Not all summary would be appreciated-links to your page in the, or nicknames, under which you are registered. Here it is necessary to start from the place of work for which you are summary. If we are talking about the work of a Builder or a mover, then your contact information in the social network nobody wants. If the work is in programming or work as an accountant, an administrator on the website, the sales representative, it is possible such information and is the place to be. Along with personal pages in social networks, is not always appropriate to indicate their marital status.

  • Summary should not have grammatical errors

Regardless of the place of work, any employer wants him to have worked only literate and educated people who, primarily, are well-delivered and eloquent speech. If your resume will be processed correctly, but the presence of grammatical errors is simply striking, it is unlikely your candidacy will be seriously considered. Today, the Word has unique features that allow no questions to check the spelling and provide a beautiful and literate text.

  • Check the accuracy of the information

If you indicate that you have a good knowledge of the English language or speak a certain program, be sure to once again test their strength. Without sufficient practice your hand a little worse, you forgot certain foreign words, do not understand the updated programs. It is better to check yourself, because if it will take the employer, and it turns out that you wrote false information, which disgrace not to avoid.

draw up a CV

  • Insert in summary your picture

Any summary is complemented by the photo, it is very important to have a business nature and was made shortly before the filing of the summary. In the photo must show only one person and that is you. It is best to take a photo ID, passport or driver’s license.

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