How to write a statement

Periodically each of us is faced with the necessity of writing a statement. A statement is called a written formal appeal or message. It can also contain requests or criticism. You can also say that it is always written in the interests of the applicant. It is therefore important to make such a request, and you need to know how to write a statement?

how to write a statement


How to write a statement? Manual

Allowed create statements in any form. But, as it should consist of business phrases, the vernacular might be misplaced. As well-written document, positions of the applicant, as a legally educated person, which increases the chances for a positive outcome of your application.


Any textbook on HR or business administration will provide you with a number of sample applications description and the procedure for its preparation. But they may not always be at hand at the right time. For this, we suggest to familiarize with detailed instruction on writing such a document:

  1. The statement can be written by hand and typed on the computer. The statement, printed on the printer must be certified by your signature.
  2. Any application starts with the so-called «caps». To do this, stepping back with the right side of the sheet about 10 cm, you first specify the addressee in the dative case. Usually, the first indicated position, and then the name of the person addressed by the applicant. Each time, passing to a new line, you need to stick to your chosen first retreat.
  3. After specifying the destination, the line below specifies the details of the applicant-in the genitive case. Here, similarly, the first indicates the position after the written name of the applicant. The word «from» is always written with a small letter. And at the end of each line to put a period is not necessary.
  4. The line below the middle of the text spell the word «statement». It should always be written in small letters and the words must stand point.
  5. The next line starts with a capital letter. Here you have essentially indicate the reason for its appeal or its request. To ensure that your application had a better chance at a careful reading, all the information should be written in it on the merits, without unnecessary phrases.
  6. If the statement you plan to add any documents. After the main text of the statement, you must specify the complete list of such securities.
  7. Immediately below the list must stand the date of writing the application.
  8. Closer to the right edge, level, date, sign your name.

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Rules for writing statements of work

One of the most common kinds of statements is the statement with the request for acceptance of a person to work. By law such a document is not provided, but almost all recruiters require it from the person arriving for work.

This document has no difference from any other statements. As the addressee acts as the head of the organization, where is employed by the applicant.

a statement of acceptance to work

Rules of writing of statements is quite simple and easy to remember. But if suddenly you have forgotten something, any employee of the organization to which you are applying for, you will always be able to tell you how to do it. Moreover, in most organizations today, you can find already printed the forms with a statement where you only need to expose your data.

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