How beautiful packaging paper box for gift

When choosing a gift loved often the question arises, how beautiful packaging. Perhaps, everyone will agree, that this is a gift in a festive material creates a special ambiance and causes a storm of emotions. How to pack a gift in a gift paper is known not for everyone. But there is nothing problematic in this lesson there. Quite a bit of time and patience.

gift boxes

We all love to give gifts, and even more to get them. A present of soul always brings a lot of joy and positive emotions, and wrapped in the packaging material will result in endless delight. Beautifully packaged gift for everyone. Attractive packaging creates the impression of an expensive and nice gift. Given that most of the gifts already have a cardboard box, carefully wrap it in festive paper material will not be easy. Most people mistakenly believe that it is time-consuming and impossible.

It is actually quite simple and straightforward, you just have to be patient. For gift wrapping, you must have the box and paper. It is best to use the packaging bright colors, unusual textures, interesting patterns are allowed on it. The basic rule is compliance with the instructions. If it is true will be calculated size and use the technique of packaging, that result in a beautifully decorated gift.

What you need to have to pack boxes

To neatly wrap a box in paper, enough in its Arsenal to have:

  • Wrapping paper (it is desirable to have the paper of several colors and textures).
  • All kinds of ribbons, cords, bows and other decorative elements.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Line.
  • Pencil.
  • The tape.
  • Scotch (ideal choice would be double sided tape, you can hide or mask).

packing for podarunki

What amount of paper will need

To the packing process went quickly and without any hassle, you need to calculate the required amount of paper. For correct calculation need measuring tape. With its help it is necessary to conduct measurement of all sides of the gift. To measure need, covering all sides of a box. Thus it is necessary not to forget to add 2.5 cm to bend. It is understood that a lot depends on what form is box-gift. If it is square, then the packing material must be in a square if rectangular, respectively, the shape of a rectangle. The length of the square sum of the length of the box, this value must be added in two heights.

Basic tips

If there is a need in the packaging box, while you are doing it for the first time, you need to start to practice. First, you can carry out these manipulations using the usual Newspapers. Through trial will be to determine how accurately measured, how best to position the tape enough paper to fold. For cutting paper need well-sharpened scissors. Paper should not be thin, to avoid tearing, but not very dense. Given all these tips, you can achieve a positive result in the end.

how to pack a box

The stages of packing boxes in paper

The first stage

Add the desired box in the middle of a sheet of paper. Remember, if the box is rectangular, the blank of wrapping paper needs to be rectangular. Then any edge of the paper fold the 1 cm towards the bend and secure it with double sided tape.

The first stage

The second stage

As far as possible try to tightly wrap the box is a gift packaging material, it must be done exactly as shown in the image below. After that, you need to fix the tape end that was bent.

The second stage

Step three

You need to make sure both edges performs the same amount of paper. If not, it is necessary to ensure that the protruding ends were identical in length. After that, you need to bend the top tip of the sticking material. To do so, as shown in the picture. The paper should be pressed against the end part of the gift.

Step three

Step four

The side pieces need to be bent, as shown in the picture.

Stage chetverti

The fifth stage

The ends of the paper material of the lower part must be very good to bend. Let go of the edge and bend again, but at the center. In this part you need to stick the tape and attach it the end. Similar manipulations have to spend on the other side.

The fifth stage

How to decorate a box wrapped in paper

  • Decoration using additional paper

Order a gift box more attractive, we need to take a piece of paper of a different color and wrap around the Central part, exactly as shown in the image below. The ends of the paper strip must be attached with tape. Tie the box with satin ribbon or lace.

Decoration using additional paper

  • Decorating with double sided paper

If you pick up an additional amount of paper, different color and texture, you can decorate the box as suggested above, but given the small allowance on the width. This option is good for those who wish to make a gift for loved ones on New Year.

Decorating with double sided paper

  • Decoration ribbons

For decorating the perfect tape. Can be used as one kind of tape, and several types. Interesting is the combination of several colors. Will complement the composition of the bow or the flower ribbon.

Decoration ribbons

  • The use of lace

To add tenderness to your boxes is possible through the use of lace. What she azuree, the beautiful and unusual to look a gift. The ends can be joined with tape. Add sophistication may use the additional satin ribbons. Bows will add equally attractiveness of the gift.

The use of lace

Decorate boxes for gifts one of the most fascinating and complex activities. Enough to stock up on material and imagination. Anything impossible does not happen, it is necessary to try. There is a huge variety of decor options, we have resulted only some of them. I hope that these tips will encourage you to creative exploits.

Video instruction

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