How to wind the hair flat irons

Every girl loves to look beautiful and stunning, no matter the occasion or not. To make a beautiful and luxurious tresses, do not have to spend time and money on expensive salons, because they can be done at home. How to wind the hair flat irons? It’s very simple. Today there are so many different options, like using a regular flat irons to make curls that will maintain its beautiful appearance for the evening. This is what we discuss in our article.

how to wind the hair flat irons

If you want your curls turned out beautiful and unusual, definitely need to learn to use an iron. For such purposes, it is best to buy equipment, characterized by high power. If you have medium length hair and don’t have large volumes, standard irons, with which you can easily align the hair curler may not be suitable. That is why in the first place is to pay attention to this nuance and purchase the modern and multifunctional hair iron, it will last you a long time.

Preparatory work before a Perm

As any other hairstyle, hair be sure to prepare to the process. The only exception is colouring in all other cases, in the first place are clean hair. That is why before the Perm must undergo the following stages of work:

  • Well wash your hair with shampoo and apply to them the usual mask.
  • Well dry, comb and style your hair so that they have familiar to you.
  • Be sure to use a thermal protective product to the hair, once again not to expose the hair of danger.
  • Then apply along the entire length of the foam or mousse for hair, this will allow the curls to maintain their beautiful appearance for a relatively long time.
  • Heat the hair iron, the temperature should be between 180-200 degrees.

Preparatory work before a Perm

Remember that too high temperature at the time of hair straightening can damage their structure, but if we are talking about thermal hair curler, you should definitely adhere to the maximum allowable temperature. Due to the fact that you have a pre-applied protective means for the hair, I will not.

How to cheat hair?

For every modern girl’s speed at the moment of creating beauty plays an important role. Sometimes there is absolutely no time to stand for hours in the mirror, that is why we will examine how to cheat hair for a long time retain their beauty. There are several ways, let’s talk about them.

The first method

It will be ideal for any length and hair texture, because it is considered universal. The advantage of this option is that it is a quick method that allows you not only to the beauty instantly, but the excess does not expose hair to heat treatment.

create beautiful curls

The process of creating curls following:

  1. Divide the hair into a few strands, depending on thickness of hair, you can use 3-5 sections.
  2. Then grab a section of hair iron that it is perpendicular to the curls, with which to start Curling. The process of wrapping will occur down, is the revolution around the axis in such a way that the rectifier is returned to its original vertical position.
  3. If the process of Curling was carried out correctly, you must succeed curl-spiral.
  4. To make more hair, is one wound strand is divided into several curls.
  5. All cover good hairspray, give a few minutes to fix and enjoy wonderful results.

The second method

This method is simple from the first, so also is very quick and easy.

beautiful curls quickly

Perm performed in the following sequence:

  1. One detachable strand from root good hold it by iron, iron always keep in an upright position.
  2. Then you need to turn 180 degrees, it is important to capture the entire length of hair. Thus scrolls, each individual strand of hair. If at first you do not succeed enough curled curl, you can repeat the procedure again, it will only give an even better result.
  3. The resulting curls be sure to cover the hair throughout its length.

The third way

This method involves the creation of a beautiful «beach» curl, but for this technique we need a fine hair medium length.

beach curls

Create curls:

  1. Each strand reminds us harness. To do this, turn the lock clockwise and fix her iron.
  2. Small curls in the form of spirals you must be on the entire length of hair.
  3. For fixing the cover curls with hairspray.

The fourth way

It will be perfect for even the finest hair.

pasma Prasquier

To make your hairstyle, you must:

  1. Each strand winds on the finger for best effect.
  2. Then you attach to the roots to get a good view of the result.
  3. Received the locks well iron.
  4. Gradually pulling the strands from root to tip. If the first time you failed, the error can be corrected in conventional manner, to curl curl with a flat iron separately.
  5. It remains only to cover the curls of varnish and enjoy the beautiful effect.

Curling short hair iron

Many holders of short hair wonder get beautiful curls if hair length does not allow to use standard methods? In this case, too, there are professional techniques Curling your hair, allowing any length to make a beautiful and full curls.

First you need to wash and dry the hair, as with any other options. Then, to get a good lock, you need to take a small amount of hair, hold their plate and rotate inward or outward, stretching the entire length. It should be noted that girls with short hair spend on the process of creating a curl much longer than the owner of lush and thick hair.

how to make curls on short hair

To make a unique and individual hairstyle, each time you can change the direction of twist the hair straightener. For beautiful and healthy hair will look perfect any iron.

Style your hair using a flat iron is not difficult, but to create beautiful and thick locks even easier. Just good to prepare your hair, read all techniques create beautiful curls, and boldly proceed to the process of perming. The procedure can take from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on structure and length of hair.

Video instruction

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