How to win the lottery?

Almost every man at least once in my life bought a lottery ticket in the hope of winning a large sum of money, household appliances and even a car. Some manage to win almost every ticket, while the other unsuccessfully play for several years. How to win the lottery we will consider in this article. Features of lotteries that guarantee a win

How to win the lottery

There are many domestic and foreign lotteries that guarantee incredible wins. For those who only dream about winning, it is better to start to test your luck with domestic popular lotteries. They have a larger cash Fund and guarantee an instant payment in case of victory. Foreign lotteries do not guarantee payments to players or «lucky» will have to spend a lot of money to travel for an honest winning.

Just want to note that there is no any special strategies or miraculous methods that guarantee 100% result. The main factor is luck.

5 powerful technologies

Every person who feels their luck, playing the lottery has its ways and the secret techniques that increase the chances of winning. Take a look at read more 5 the most popular.

looks like a lottery ticket

  • The first method is based on psychology. Most people think that the most lucky numbers is the numbers found in the date of birth. Some cross out the numbers that directly occur in the date, month or year of birth, date of wedding, birth and other major life events. Other produce complex mathematical operation, adding all the numbers separately and with each other, resulting in happy, in their opinion, the combination. Based on this, the most common are numbers from 1 to 31. Why are they? The answer is simple. In the month the maximum number of days is 31. People use this information on a subconscious level, afraid to push the boundaries and deviate from the stereotypes. The conclusion: by increasing the number in the lottery ticket, each person at risk to win more money, as the majority of people will be in a familiar number range, beyond which numerical values are used in 2 times less.
  • The second method is based on the creation of the syndicate. This method is based on the fact that gathers a group of reliable and trusted people — be it friends or colleagues, and agree on the participation in the raffle. All members of the group chip in and buy lottery tickets. Purchase more tickets and multiple bets increases chances of winning for each participant. The cost of each member of the group remain within reasonable limits. As a result of winning one of the tickets of the group, the profit is evenly divided among all participants, regardless of who is on what set. For the participants in the syndicate there are certain rules which must be adhered to in any situation:
    • Do not make bids.
    • It is not necessary to borrow money. It is better to skip the circulation, if it does not have the funds.
    • Don’t force other people to join the syndicate. Each group member must participate in the event voluntarily.
    • Better to invite into the syndicate of people who sincerely believe in the victory. A negative-minded team members or losers will not bring anything good.
    • It is important to agree in advance that the winnings always shares equally among all group members.
  • The third method is based on mnogogrannost. For a greater probability of winning, you can make and pay for multiple combinations of numbers. In this combination can be very diverse. A person can choose as your favorite and iconic for him the number, and the first thing that comes to mind is numbers. Then the player just waits for the results. Mnogogrannost allows you to increase your chances of winning, proceeding from the fact that as a result one of the combinations must coincide with winning.
  • The fourth method requires the mandatory participation of the player in the distribution game. Usually the jackpot which is usually a large amount of money that has accumulated for many games, played 1 or more times per year. If you win, the jackpot amount is shared between all participants – winners. In any case, the probability of winning large amounts of money without investing significantly.
  • Expanded rate. The last of the 5 methods involves a game in which the player marks not one, but several numerical combinations in the game. Usually deployed a bet worth more than others, but the amount is fully repaid in case of winning. The probability of winning an accumulator bet are much higher than others.

laterani jackpot photos

As they say, «Who does not risk does not drink champagne!», so the main point of the game is not to be afraid to take risks, to believe in their own luck, waiting for a miracle and have a positive attitude to win.

Folk omens

Many people believe in supernatural powers and amulets and use them to attract good luck. What are the most famous signs of people, used by people to win the lottery?

  • Clover. Many have heard, but not many believe that four-leaf clover brings good luck. In case accidentally found a clover with 4 leaves, the owner is guaranteed good fortune, luck, faith, and other well-being. It is considered that four leaf clover keychain, amulet, and other accessory, a present for the person who buys a lottery ticket and provide the winnings.
  • Lucky sevens. There is a sign that seven is the lucky number for the lottery. Some people try to buy 7 tickets, note there are seven and take part in the game 77. This only works if this sacred trust. Since all numbers in the lottery ticket have the same chance to get into a winning combination.
  • Many cultures believe that the ladybug is a divine creature that brings prosperity, prosperity and success. Therefore, if ladybug she sat on the man, he needs to make a wish and buy a lottery ticket. Any set on this day, the bet is to make a profit.
  • Who does not know about the «maneki neko»? That statue is a beautiful cat with a raised paw up. This cat is a symbol of luck, prosperity, monetary well-being. Many people in Russia and other countries believe in luck Japanese mascot and buy a statuette along with a lottery ticket.

lottery mascots

  • Happy coins. Every resident knows not to leave wallets empty. You should always carry in your purse a coin or bill in your wallet and always will voditsya money. Starting from this sign, people started to buy coins happiness with a hole. If you strike up on the coin and red ribbon to put next to the lottery ticket, a miracle can happen, and win.

These will take a lot, and every person believes in their action. Many have their own charms, provide them with success in games and big winnings, go to fortune-tellers and read conspiracies for money and luck. But others believe in themselves and in their abilities.

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The main thing is faith in victory. It is faith and positive thoughts help each person to achieve the desired results.

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