How to whiten teeth at home?

Although slightly yellowish color of the enamel of the teeth is absolutely normal and natural, it’s hard to find someone who would not dream to have a perfect white smile. For this there are special procedures performed in the salons, but not all are willing to spend the money. So often the question arises – how to whiten teeth at home?

how to whiten teeth at home

Interestingly, if a person by nature relatively dark color of the enamel, it speaks about the strength and health of his teeth. Moreover, in those days, when there was still a clear division into classes, like the nobility and the mob, rich people have always sought to make their teeth, the most dark, almost black, like rotten. The fact is that ordinary workers and servants could not afford sweets, sometimes even a simple sugar. So their teeth were white and healthy. Know showed their wealth by dubious smile of beauty.

Causes of color change

Today the standard is taken white smile. In its natural form it is almost not found. This is due, primarily, with the yellowish and sometimes grayish shades – natural to the person they are given by nature. However, there are a number of factors that can cause changes in the color of the enamel.

First and foremost, it is affected by Smoking. If you do not in quitting the habit, then bleaching will have to conduct on religious grounds, and it may very severely damage the already traumatized enamel.

Since childhood we all know that sweet is harmful to teeth. The essence of this is that these carbs break down in your mouth, thereby affect the enamel, thinner her. If it is too thin, that through it you can see the bottom layer, which is yellow.

Caffeinated drinks, as well as various dyes that form on teeth brown color, display which is difficult.

The color change can also affect atmospheric conditions, genetic characteristics and certain diseases. Fortunately, this is relatively rare. In any event, that usually leads to the fact that there is a question about how to whiten teeth at home.

tooth discoloration


The whitening procedure is far from safe. Often it can severely injure the enamel, especially if you want perfectly white. There are also contraindications, under which it is better to focus on the lifestyle change and regular cleaning of the teeth, and bleaching will have to forget.

It has to be done if:

  • there are individual sensitivity;
  • present seal;
  • are allergic to hydrogen peroxide;
  • the development of any pathology of the oral cavity, including tooth decay;
  • the woman is pregnant;
  • is breast-feeding.

Taking certain medicines can also be a contraindication. It is not possible to whiten teeth and children who have not attained the age of majority.

The features of the process

Teeth whitening can be compared with bleaching hair – all this only harms tissues, and is used solely for cosmetic purposes. To sustain this can only be a healthy enamel, therefore, even before home treatment, it is better to consult a doctor. It’s worth doing for the reason that it is impossible to conduct whitening under any diseases of the oral cavity, and to detect them only by a qualified technician.

Makes no sense to whiten your teeth, if you continue to smoke, drink alcohol and coffee in large quantities. Everything will return to normal in the shortest possible time.

white teeth

How to whiten teeth at home

There are several common methods. The first is a special strip. You can find them in pharmacies, but easier to order from the online store.

This tool is applied to the teeth every day, leaving on the half hour. This method allows you to lighten the enamel of three colors for the month. The result should be stored for approximately two months.

whitening strips

The second method is a special gel for whitening. Included with it usually goes the brush, where the tool is applied on the teeth. Gradually, it solidifies and then dissolves and leaves together with saliva. This gel is used together with a plastic design which is worn on the teeth. So you can avoid contact with the mouth. The gel is sold in the form of a pencil.

whitening gel

There is a method of home bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, but it is highly traumatic for the tooth enamel, therefore it is not recommended to use it. The same applies to the recipes based on baking soda and lemon.

More gentle way is to use tea tree oil. To do this, a few drops smeared on the teeth. However, to get absolute oil is hard enough.

bleaching oil

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