How to weave gum?

One of the best ways to make your image unique and unrepeatable is to create items with their hands. For example, you can make colourful bracelets from colored rubber bands. They are beautiful and original, but to start is to understand how to weave of elastic bands.

How to weave loom bands

Required materials

First, weaving is, in fact, own gum. They are called Loom Bands, loom where the word is translated as the machine because often together with rubber bands in a complex special machine. However, in the initial stages really do without it.

Find Loom Bands in different stores, ranging from specialist stationery and finishing. The choice of the buyer there are a huge variety of colors, from simple to stripes and neon.

In addition to the rubber bands need a hook, but to buy something special do not have to fit knitting weaving hooks 3 and 4.

Machines that facilitate the process and allow you to weave more complex items, come in various forms. They may look like a fork, and can consist of many kind of columns, which will depend on the complexity of the created object. So, from rubber bands to weave not only bracelets, but also figures, cases and other small items.

bracelets out of rubber bands

If you think simple fact for weaving machine may not be needed at all, or will be able to replace a regular metal fork.

To complete the bracelet clasp is needed. This element is often added to the kit to the gum, but sometimes it’s necessary to buy yourself.

The process of creating

In Internet actually find many different instructional videos that clearly show how to weave gum. You should start with the most simple of bracelets – this will help to understand the basic techniques.

Bracelet of small size, for example children, need twenty rubber bands. If an accessory for an adult, thirty or more.


  • elastic band is twisted into an eight and rotated so to form a ring;
  • got the ring is inserted into the buckle;
  • the following elastic band is inserted into the resulting loop;
  • through its free edge extends the next band, and further netting continues in this manner;
  • when the hinges will be quite a lot, the latter threaded through the buckle, which is attached to the first loop. The process of creating

This is the simplest model of the bracelet, does not require complicated schemes or additional equipment.

The process of creating

Braiding using the machine

Basic techniques of weaving on the loom is called «chain». Consider it step by step.

  1. The machine is placed on a flat surface, columns (peg) should look teeth up. kak-splesti-braslet-rezinok1
  2. Gum No. 1 is stretched on the two first peg to form a diagonal. kak-splesti-braslet-rezinok2
  3. Gum No. 2 is placed on the same peg, on which ended the previous one. Its second end is put in the next column, same diagonal. how to knit-rezinok
  4. Such a zigzag way, the machine fills up. kak-splesti-braslet-rezinok4
  5. The machine is inverted so that the teeth look at the weave. kak-splesti-braslet-rezinok5
  6. The second elastic hook pass through the first and fold in half, hooked onto the other peg. kak-splesti-braslet-rezinok6


  7. All other gum perezaleyte the same way.
  8. To the last rubber band is attached to the clasp. kak-splesti-braslet-rezinok91
  9. All items carefully removed from the machine and secured by means of fasteners. The bracelet is ready!


A variety of options

The Internet has presented many tutorials on knitting, but anyone, with sufficient experience, able to come up with your own version. Over time, lovers of needlework will be able to weave not only bracelets, but also more complex items like figurines.

Loom Bands does not require large cash expenditures, and as a result it is possible to obtain a bright and original stuff.

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