How to weave baubles of floss

Baubles of floss, often called friendship bracelets, are very popular not only among young people. After all, this seemingly minor and inexpensive gift carries with it the memory of the man for many years. A symbolic gift to friends will not only delight, but will remind them of you every day. To weave these bracelets is simple enough, and the time the process takes a bit. A large variety of versions and lots of diagrams will help to make each bracelet unique. Let’s look at how to weave baubles of floss.

How to weave baubles of floss

To create such a bracelet the desired colored thread, tape or adhesive tape (for attaching the filaments to the surface) and scissors. For your comfort weave baubles recommended in good light and being in a comfortable position. Ready? Well, you can start.

Braid of floss

Braid is the simplest of all available options of friendship bracelets with embroidery floss. The name fully corresponds to the principle – conventional, known to all from childhood braid. In the technique of create of bracelets from embroidery floss on the ends of the baubles are made of braids, which serve as fastenings. Also there are various other embodiments of the braids, for example, any even number of strands, of course, more than two.

The essence of weaving is as follows: take 2 of the Central thread, the left transferred to the right edge of the right respectively to the left and grazes.

The variant of the bracelets from are an odd number of threads (5 or more) – then extreme strands on the left and right sides move to the center.

Twilled weave

Twilled weave is one of the most popular in creating baubles. Due to the relative ease of execution and excellent results, the many existing color schemes and the ability to create them yourself using a special program, this option is netting found many fans.

the weave pattern

To make a bracelet out of embroidery floss oblique weave, you need to understand and memorize the symbols and types run 4 different sites that are used in this technique. These bracelets are weaved strictly from left to right, as indicated in the diagrams direction of arrows indicate only some of the 4 knots you need to tie.

Baubles with arrows

For this bracelet you will need 6 strands of a length more than one meter, 3 different colors. They are located symmetrically, are connected to the beam and fastened with knot at a distance of 5-6 cm from the edge. The thread lock is recommended, for example, this can be done by threading the knot and attach the safety pin to a cushion or backrest upholstery. Now is the time to split the thread in half.

baubles with flowers

Start weaving from left to right. With the extreme thread over the next done figure resembles the four. Missed the first thread and under the second, threading the hole, tighten the knot. Repeat the website again. So with a double knot and will run all of our bead work. Tie a similar knot, while extreme thread will be one of the Central. So, one half is ready.

The same should be repeated with the other half of the bracelet, now the knots are knit from right to left. When the thread will be in the middle, you need to be using the knot of the two Central strands of floss to connect the two halves of our bracelet together.

When the string is ready, it should be secured with a large knot, and the ends of the braid braids, which will serve as a drawstring. Symmetric friendship bracelet with arrows ready.

Bracelet with rhinestones

Want to make a striking bracelet from embroidery floss? Give it a little sparkle with rhinestones. For a basis we take the already woven bracelet and decorate it. For this, we need pre-prepared chain with rhinestones, scissors, a needle, some embroidery floss and a bit of skill beautiful to sew.

baubles zi rhinestones

Stretch the thread in the eye of a needle, then tying a knot on the end. The string is threaded needle from the bottom up with one end. To hide the knot, it is recommended to stretch the string in a knot baubles. Decorated with rhinestones chain is applied to the center of the bracelet and secured with stitches.

At the end of all of this is fixed another knot, which you can hide on the back side of the bracelet. Cut the rest of the thread and our brilliant contraption ready.

Bracelet with chain

To create this accessory, you need pre-prepared bracelet from threads and matched the length of the chain, which will be to her to fasten with a needle and thread. Not to spoil the appearance of your future bracelet friendship bracelet is threaded on a needle so that the knot was on the back side. The chain is attached paths along the baubles, and then on the flip side tied another knot. Everything is simple, dramatic bracelet with chain ready.

Fenichka with nuts

The real art is to make a masterpiece out of the most ordinary things. So a simple gadget that is in almost every tool box that can serve as a great decoration for an original bracelet of friendship. If these are not there, do not worry, the nuts can be bought in any hardware store quite inexpensively, while selecting desired color and size.

This mania will be much more spectacular look, if you take a cotton rope. Three of these strands bind together with a knot, and then lagging all known conventional pigtail, length is 5 inches. On the left thread nut is put on and secured, making a strand. All the same is repeated with the right thread, then fit the pigtail. The gap between the nuts everyone chooses at its discretion. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the gadget was well fixed and not loose a few days of wearing the accessory. At the end at the end of the bracelet tied the knot.

beautiful baubles

The length of the baubles, it is recommended to count so that could be several times to wrap it around the wrist. The original gift is ready.

Chains, tied with embroidery floss

This version of the friendship bracelets requires no special investment of time and super-powers, however, looks pretty impressive. To create this decoration you need a pattern with colored thread and scissors.

Cut the threads so that they were four times the length of the chain, and their number was 30 strands. All threads associated with a single node, so that at the end left a little more than 5 centimeters. The strands are divided equally, and then they ompleted the production cycle. What weave to wrap the chain depends only on your wishes and imagination. After all this is recorded by the node, and the remaining part of the thread, with a length of about 5 inches each, will serve as a drawstring. Simple but at the same time interesting and unusual bracelet will look great with a shirt and jeans, emphasizing your image.

Chains, tied with embroidery floss

In addition to the above, there are many options for creating original and unique bracelets out of embroidery floss. Invent and build own circuits, experiment and you will succeed. And most importantly remember that a friendship bracelet should be with all my heart and love to bring joy and happiness to bestow you person.

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