How to weave a spike?

Every fashionista at any age know about the existence of a simple and very original hairstyle called spike. Fishtail as it is often called weave the people, is able to provide a solid woman and a young student of charm and refinement. Simple weave day and decorated with beautiful accessories evening this hairstyle suitable for everyday wear and for going out. How to weave a spike, you can learn how to do it quickly and correctly, discussed in detail in our article.

how to weave a spike

Important points

Before you start the procedure of creating the hairstyle dream, consider a few basic tips for beginners to the ultimate result of pleasing perfection.

  • Using thinner sections of hair, you can create a neat and elegant braid.
  • To create a massive and voluminous braids, using thicker strands of hair.
  • If the intersection of the major strands is reduced to a minimum, the scythe will work in a modern, slightly sloppy, but so relevant in the current season style.
  • Not attractive roosters and stray from hair strands can be subjugate, accurately and efficiently combing and a bit of pulling each strand of hair after each intersection.
  • Clean, dry hair usually crumble in your hands, and harder to create neat hairstyle. In the fight for the scythe of funds to help to maintain styling – mousses, foams, sprays, waxes, all daily uses virtually any woman. Wishing not to spoil the hair harming chemicals you can use natural fixers – sweetened water or beer. You can also slightly dampen the hair and hands with plain water.
  • Before show off the beauty hairstyles to your friends should be a little practice, as the weave of the spike itself is not given the first time. For starters, you can experiment on a friend, a mannequin or doll and then try play fish tail on my own hair. After a few attempts, the hair will begin to happen with ease.
  • To spit was nice and straight, the strands in the netting must be of the same thickness.
  • To provide a neat hairstyle a little pomp, volume, and modern impropriety is enough to pull the strands of the resulting braid with your fingers, removing the various links.
  • In the presence of small males and irregularities, if necessary ideality of the strands can be removed disadvantages a comb with fine teeth.
  • When the weaving of spikelets in a circle better to make a small basal fleece, and then start work. So the hair will look bigger and more elegant.
  • The most effective hairstyle «cone» looks at women who have different highlighting hair, highlighting, kolorirovanie and other effects.
  • From casual hairstyles to elegant evening, the ear can transform using hair accessories, hairpins, hair clips, beads, bows and other relevant situations and taste of female jewelry. Most importantly know when to stop.

weave cone on his head

Spike – perfect hair in rainy and windy weather, when the hair is scattered, and the head appears unkempt. You can also braid the ear when going to the beach, and for sports games. Any girl can go to school, girl-on training and the woman a job, having a stylish, trendy and modern way.

Varieties of spikelets

Detailed instructions right weave various varieties of hairstyles

In addition to standard braids, weaving the cones, you can create on the head of a masterpiece. Learn strategies for weaving.

How to braid a cone around his head

Braid around the head is a nonstandard form of weaving. This is an attractive hairstyle that is original performance. Itself circular braid it is hard to do, so the first practice. Amazing haircut will look on the owner of thick, luxurious hair, but on a thin wheel, you can achieve the desired effect, by creating visual depth, comb at the roots.

how to weave a cone around his head

The weaving scheme is the following:

  • Qualitatively combs hair and moistened locking means for stacking or water.
  • Divide the hair in half, having smooth parts in the middle of the head.
  • Right detachable three equal strands of hair.
  • Begin to weave a spike curve (spiral), adding new strands of hair with each weave. During operation, should be used all the loose hair.
  • Finish left in the area of the ear, killing the tip invisible and hiding from the eyes of others under the curls.
  • For this scheme, and start to weave braids from the left temple. End the braid by her right ear, secured with Bobby pins.
  • To finish the hairstyle, decorating it with using hair accessories or a little fixing the curls varnish.

How to braid spikelet on the side

how to weave a spike on the side

Another kind of weaving spikelets on the side. This is a simple and fancy modern hairstyle for young girls and women. Consider the principle:

  • Efficiently combed all the hair back from his face.
  • With any side of the head (right or left of the person) take a thick strand of hair and share it into 3 equal parts.
  • Start braiding a classic braid with a few links.
  • With pre-selected side begin weaving additional strands of hair in a braid. So begins the weaving of spikelets on the side.
  • Then take a strand of hair from the other side of the head (opposite from the beginning of the weave) and add it to our pigtail.
  • So, in turn, plaiting the strands on each side of the head, create a braid that falls to the side. For uniformity of the weave and clear direction tightens the strands, while saving them from roosters and irregularities.
  • When depleted the braid to the base of the neck, the remaining strands Zapletal in a regular braid and fasten the end with a scrunchie. You can hide the tip, fixing invisible.
  • Hairstyle is ready. If you wish to give her hair a classic mess, you can pull with fingers, some parts of the spit, with his and giving it volume. You can also add in a braid stud with beads or small flowers, to weave a strand of pearls or add other decorations to taste.

How to weave a spike inside

the ear inside out

Another popular and original idea for a fishtail – braiding inside out. Consider the step by step instructions:

  • Efficiently combed hair, pre-treating them fixing styling products (spray, mousse, water).
  • Divide the hair into three equal parts on the top.
  • Left-laid strand under the center.
  • Take the right strand of hair and laid it under the middle and left.
  • Then take the Central strand, add to it a part of flowing hair, laid under the right side, skirting around her so that she was back in the center of the spikelet.
  • The same manipulation is done with a Central strand, adding the part flowing hair and laying it under the left part. The strand should again Bagnatica and to be in the center.
  • Weaving spikelets inside out continues until, still braided hair.
  • The end of the braid fasten with a scrunchie. You can sprinkle it with varnish.

How to weave a spike inside

To learn how to weave a spike can be quite fast. The main thing to understand technique and practice. Having mastered skills, each woman will be able to create not one but many diverse and attractive hairstyles itself and appealed to the ladies. Approaching treatments with creativity, you can create on the head of a masterpiece. This article describes the principles of weaving and tips to help the budding fashionistas.

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